Smart Contract Call


I want to swap my WBTC to DIGG, but there’s no transaction executed.

My WBTC balance is still there, my ETH balance is deducted due to the fee, my DIGG is nothing.

Actually it happened 4 times (Smart Contract Call(SCC)), I just ignore the first two transaction since they are low fees. But the two recent transactions are expensive. I just want the transaction be executed pls or bring back the FEEs I spend since there’s no transaction held.

Can anyone help me with this? See attached files for the fees I paid without swap being executed but successfull in

Recent Txn hash with $31.53 fee:


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It’s difficult to know the specifics of your particular contract with just a screenshot. There is more detail in the transaction ID on (which you didn’t provide a link for)
Looks like you are a new trader since your nonce is starting a 0
What I can guess is that some of the early transactions can be the app asking for permission (unlock) to interact with a specific coin / pool, especially since your screenshots show 0eth in the contract. Then a subsequent transaction can be made for the amount you want to transact.

Hello @cryptotrading66,

It looks like you transferred your WBTC to a different wallet: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

Do you still need assistance?


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@iamdeadlyz ok, yes I had around $200 ETH and about $60 went to the smart contracts . do the smart contracts follow the rest on ETH in my new wallet? how can I get it back?

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@iamdeadlyz I need never bought WBTC , it was suppose to be ETH. Do you know how that happen?

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As what I have said bro. My WBTC is still there and nothing deducted in my balance. But the fee for my ETH fund deducted too much. Meaning no transaction came out. Just a deduction on my eth fund only

Hi I provide the TXN hash ID of the recent transactionb which has a big fee.

Please check the transaction link that I sent. You already sent your WBTC to a different address and then sent it to Binance.

Check again.

That’s I am wondering Sir. I saw it too on, it shows that I send WBTC into another wallet address, but to be honest there’s no deduction in my WBTC. The deduction on my eth fund only.

Please re-import your wallet by following this guide: How to Re-Import your Wallet

I see. Yeah I send it to my Binance wallet already. Since the swap of WBTC to DIGG in trust wallet really do nothing. So I decided recently to take it back to my Binance account. Since nothing happens on trust wallet they just deducted my eth fund for fee

To make it short. it happened 4 times. The deduction on my ETH fund for fee but no transaction happens.

And then recently I decided to pull out my other ERC20 wallets fund back to my Binance account.

They just deduct fees and no swap or convertion happens.

I know that using ERC20 address in Trust wallet app will make high fees for convertion. But I am just bothered when I convert or swap two coins nothing really happens but to deduct my ETH fees only.

When swapping tokens for the first time, you have to approve it first to be spendable. And, that is what you did just now.

After the approval tx is confirmed, enter the amount of WBTC then press the “Swap” button.

All in all, you will confirm two transactions: approve and swap

Yeah it’s part I know that thing. And I saw that. First button shows APPROVE, Where you can see the fees if I’m not mistaken,
Second button is SWAP. After confirming boom. Nothing happens.

Actually I didn’t not confirm it yet since the fees are too expensive since ETH is in rally that time. From time to time the fee changes so I am waiting for the right timing to enter and swap and confirm the transaction. In fact they did deduct my eth fund even not confirming yet.

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And yeah let’s say. I press approved and swap.

But the transaction did not execute.

So after a day I guess I decided to pull out my WBTC and transfer it to binance. Since its still their and no swap happened.

You must have misunderstood/mixed up things. A swapping transaction must have been broadcasted if you did confirm the SWAP button it. However, the blockchain explorer shows otherwise. Therefore, you didn’t swap anything yet. You only approved the WBTC to be spendable.

And yes, each transaction in the Ethereum blockchain requires network fees. To clarify, Trust Wallet is not the one who is charging such fee, it’s the ETH miners.

No matter what who charges fees, I just don’t get the point why there are deduction on my ETH fund without swap execution. As what I’ve said earlier I decided to pull out my WBTC go back to binance wallet since its not been swap to DIGG. And my WBTC balance is still there.

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