So many different Fantom on Trust wallet

Mine has BEP20 attached to it. Are all Fantom the same? What if I want to transfer my Fantom to fwallet for staking? I already wallconnect my fwallet but it fwallet says transaction only support Fantom opera. I am confused. Please advise what to do.

All Fantom are the same, but they can reside on different blockchains. So you have to use the correct one for the transfer to work. I transferred my Fantom from KuCoin, so it was an ERC20 token. I had to select the Fantom ERC20 token to see my holdings. You’ll have to convert your BEP20 token to a BEP2 token first, then you can transfer it to Trust Wallet using the Fantom BEP2 token address. Don’t use the default Fantom token for your transfer because that’s also the ERC20 token address. Hope this helps!

It is already siting on my trust wallet. But i want to transfer it to fwallet for staking. But have trouble transferring. When I look at instruction on fwallet, I follow the instruction to connect the 2 wallets and I am stuck there because it says it only accept fantom opera and I am not sure what that means if mine is Fantom with BEP20

@kotracy529 you can convert your BEP20 fantom to native using this guide: Convert Binance-Peg Tokens to Native Assets