Stake TWT to earn TWT

I hope we can stake TWT to earn TWT too, just like stake CAKE to earn CAKE on PancakeSwap. Thanks


it will be great :sweat_smile:


Right now you can stake TWT to earn Cake and then stake Cake to earn TWT.

They are in the syrup pools on Pancakeswap

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Is it within Trust Wallet app where you can stake TWT ?

You have to use Trust Wallet dApp browser. More detailed info and step by step hereStake TWT on PancakeSwap to Earn CAKE

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Thank you. Now I am getting insufficient fund. I do have TWT balance - see pictures. Am I doing something wrong ?

My friend,

TWT is a token on Smart Chain. You need Smart Chain Coin to make transactions on the chain.
Please load your wallet with BNB (BEP20) Smart Chain. It is the last option on your screenshot

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I think that function might be endorsed sooner or later but for the time been I think the pools there satisfies your cravings.

We have:
Stake cake to earn twt
Stake twt to earn cake .

Enjoy the above while it’s still on.