Staking interest % on BNB in TW

Im Staking BNB on TW and want to try to get a decent return on my staked BNB. The validator staking interest fluctuation is huge. one day 32% then 24% now 16% in 3 days. How do we get consistent staking interest. As moving validator and relegating just loses a full days staking rewards. and even then the next day that validator staking rewards % decreases. Its like they promote a high staking reward then once you sign up they reduce it. Its frustrating as you never know what your getting from one day to the next.
Is there a plan to have greater consistency with staking rewards for BNB on TW?
or what’s the best recommendation to achieve consistent rewards at the best staking rewards.
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I m also curious about this. And from the doc, it shows you will get reward on the 3rd day. Does that mean I would only get rewards for 4 days in 7?

curious about that too,
i tried to build a excel calculator that calculates the number of days
til it is profitable to re-delegate,
but i need the information on when to get rewards, is it on the next day
or after 3 days? what about the 2 days in between, are the
accumulated and credited on day 3 or are they not rewarded?

Any links to documentation that explains BNB Redelegation???

Any help would be appreciated

Hello @tschombe Rewards are generated everyday but are distributed after every 3 days. Unfortunately, there’s no transaction history on app or explorer. You can use this bot on telegram to track your rewards: Telegram: Contact @BSC_Binance_Chain_Bot

Read about BNB re-delegation here: How to Redelegate your Staked BNB with Trust Wallet

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thanks for clarification!!!

this shed light into my concerns.

My strategy now is to revise the delegators every 7 days and switch accordingly