Staking on Trust wallet and Binance page

Why under the Binance pages appears a lot of cripto for making stake and on Trusted Wallet appears a few? A part of that on Trusted appears APR % meanwhile on Binance appears APY % which is the difference?

Thanks in advance.


Hello @claudi,

APR only for Trust Wallet since we are calculating the simple interest. APY is being calculated at Binance since they automatically compound the rewards.

Regarding the availability of tokens to be staked, we only have a few supported right now to focus on the tech, maintenance, etc. More to come for sure, so keep an eye out.


Thanks for your answer, so if I make staking on Binance page I will not be able to see on my trusted wallet? and on the other way the same?

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Yes, you won’t see it. Binance holds your private key and has a different wallet. With the Trust Wallet app, you are in full control over your recovery phrase and the derived addresses base on it.


Ok, I guess on both situation my tokens are secure, really?

On the other way about the APR and APY, the interest final is the same on Binance and Trusted?

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Correct. FYI, Binance has a Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU): Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) | Binance Academy

With Trust Wallet, you are responsible for making sure your cryptos are safe. Check these tips:

For the APR and APY, it’s different. With Binance, you can’t select a validator. Using the Trust Wallet app, you need to select one so you can stake your tokens. Then these validators have their own commission fees.


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