Support for Solana Dapps Comes to the Trust Wallet Wallet Browser Extension

Use Solana dApps on the Trust Wallet Extension to buy, stake, and swap Solana assets

We’re thrilled to announce that the Trust Wallet Wallet browser extension now officially supports Solana dApps! This means you can now access the world of Solana dApps directly from your browser extension and enjoy the full Solana experience.

Use the Trust Wallet Extension to buy unique Solana NFTs, stake your Solana tokens for rewards, and swap tokens seamlessly on the Solana network. This fantastic addition complements our mobile app, which has already been supporting Solana dApps, providing you with a more complete and versatile Trust Wallet Wallet experience across both mobile and browser platforms.

Building on our evolving ecosystem

We’re committed to supporting the growth and development of Web3, and this new integration is another step in that direction. With the inclusion of Solana dApp support, developers working on the Solana network can now easily integrate their dApps with the Trust Wallet Wallet browser extension. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for both developers and users, making it easier than ever for our community to explore and engage with Solana-powered projects.

A seamless experience across web and mobile

Thanks to the Solana dApp support in both the Trust Wallet mobile app and the browser extension, now you can effortlessly move between platforms while enjoying a consistent and seamless experience. Whether you’re using your mobile device or browsing on your computer, Trust Wallet Wallet ensures you have access to the exciting world of Solana dApps.

Getting Started with Solana on the Trust Wallet Extension

Whether you’re new to the Solana ecosystem or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered! Trust Wallet’s easy-to-use interface is designed to make your Web3 experience seamless and enjoyable.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Get the Trust Wallet Browser Extension.
  2. Import an existing wallet that has Solana or transfer Solana to your wallet from an exchange.
  3. Connect to a Solana dApp. We’ll use Raydium in the below example.

Connect the Trust Wallet Extension to Raydium

Step 1: Once your wallet is set up, head over to and click on “Launch App”.

Step 2: Click “Connect Wallet”.

Step 3: Choose Trust Wallet

Step 4: Click on “Connect” so your wallet connects to the dApp.

Step 5: Once connected, you’ll see your address in the top right corner, as well as your SOL balance. You can go ahead and use the dApp to swap, stake, and much more.

More on the way…

We’re always striving to improve and expand the Trust Wallet Wallet ecosystem, so be sure to stay tuned for more exciting announcements and features. Follow us on Twitter @TrustWallet so you never miss an update.