Swap eth coin to bnb or smart chain

I tried to do this from trust wallet using the Dapps pancakesawp and uniswap but i can not succeed. What is the right procedure to swap eth coin (see attachment) to bnb or smart chain and then buy safemoon. Please telll me how to DO this in Trust wallet as i said i have tried for 5 days and nothing works and i do not want to waste more time.

Thank you for your help

Hello @Blacksafemoon,

What you have right now is a native ETH that runs on the Etheruem blockchain. Uniswap doesn’t detect SAFEMOON since that token runs on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Here are two ways you can convert it to your preferred crypto:

  • Deposit it to Binance.com so you can convert it to BNB then withdraw it as BNB (BEP20 - BSC) to your wallet in the app. Proceed to pancakeswap afterward (make sure you have a sufficient amount of Smart Chain BNB for tx fees).
  • Use https://www.binance.org/en/bridge to swap native ETH to BEP20 (tick as well the convert some to Smart Chain BNB so you can have some Smart Chain BNBs to cover the network fees. Proceed to pancakeswap afterward.

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