Swap from BNB to BNB smartchain, but value is missing

mine just came back after a good hour and a half. Swap didn’t went thru just got it back as bnb

every time you “try again” you are paying fees for the “transfer”

“70 characters demand: here you go Lelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelele”

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I got the same problem and the transaction doesn’t appear as well like a ghost transaction!

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Ok seems like this is a common problem . I have same problem. And what annoys me is that I did a quick transfer so I coul buy safemoon at reduced rate ,and that chance is gone ,would have been up 30% now.

Hey, I have swapped bnb for bnb smart chain and it has disappeared all from my wallet. I’ve been waiting for 1 hour what should I do next?

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this is not funny ,
again and again, paying fees for nothing…
please solve this problem


It is still not working, for all we know this could be down for over 10 hours, if that is the case, we will make a big loss on coins we could have

Me too​:sob:, want cry :cry:T_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_TT_T

yea this is whack lol i just wanna buy some coins


It took me good hour and 30 min before the swap-attempted BNB returned without swapping to Smart Chain. I attempted the swap again, and both $0 again


Is it still down Anyone knows about this ff ff f ff ff f f f fffff f f f f f

Please add me to the list as well. The Binance transaction information indiciates that the transaction has been successful, but Trust Wallet does not display the same result as shown on the Binance transaction information.

The same happen to me just 3hrs ago, i made other 2trnxs coz i needed smartchain so bad to swipe a token that just reached peak, so terrible

my money is back to BNB . now I can do the transaction bnb to bnb smart chain again?

No youll lose it again 70chacractersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

you will only loose money on the transaction fees, i tried a seccond time, still not got my BNB back, prob been 30 min now. So don’t, there is no point.

What could really coz that and how to go about it, i have 3tnxs on pending and i need to smartchain so bad

This happend to me over an hour ago aswell, it also doesnt show that any transaction has been made. I’m still waiting for my BNB, hopefully it shows up again since it was worth a solid 300$

Just wanted to update this thread… successfully completed the swap from BNB to Smartchain!

Everything went back to normal. Thanks for listening and processing :heart: