Swapped BNB for ETH on PancakeSwap but ETH BEP-20 didnt receive coin

Weird situation. I swap ~$50 BNB to ETH and I didn’t receive the coin on my Binance-PEG ETH too.

My receive address ETH BEP-20: 0x0D7212E15E4c1eC53826586D5334dbfbAe94d415

Transaction Hash: 0x216b733ca3535eae3da7796550e0ce6d90d2f01357b90883e96173dee0aedf4e

And from my portfolio for some reason just gone ~ 0.020 ETH (BEP-20) during this transaction

Someone can explain me what is going on with this?

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Hello @kroldominik
Your tokens are in your wallet and you only need to add it manually as a custom token
Tap on the upper right corner in your wallet, search ETH and enable the one with BEP20.

Yes i did that. I have Binance-Peg Ethereum ETH in my wallet but still i didn’t receive coins from this transaction.
I recieve only coins from another transaction

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From the transaction hash in your above post, you staked your tokens on Pancakeswap under the WBNB/ETH pool.

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Okay, maybe I made a mistake while swapping. So what you suggest for now? Can it be recovered somehow?

this is my wallet address.

BTW. Thanks for feedback! :heartpulse:

I solve the problem! Thanks for your help.

For others: I found my cash on pancakeswap platform in Trade/Liquidity and i just remove pair. After this
my cash back to my wallet in BNB and ETH BEP-20

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