Swapped BNB to SCORP ( scorpion casino) on pancake swap, but it is not showing in my Trust wallet

The swaps from BNB to Scorp ( casino) were successful, but the Scorp token not showing in my wallet .
These are the details bellow :

My Truswallet address : 0xbc84a514470076486c767ae50FdBfaC1160eD8A9

Pancakeswap address et scorp address ( token holders) :

  • 0x1A0A18AC4BECDDbd6389559687d1A73d8927E416 - 0x1b2Eb11FCBC0047851eA1ecCFF7A225959778235

First transaction hash. : Transaction hash :

Second Transaction hash :

Third transaction hash
Hash : 0x27562ef12029e8864e292c5a91564c153f939043753af3abc7fa33dbb1c2db2f


@bicoin16 You need to add that token manually.

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It is done, thank you. But Funds related to the coin are not showing. How to make the fund be shown ?

@bicoin16 If you’re referring to the price of the token, not all token price are shown, it is dependent on whether they are actively traded or listed on Coinmarketcap.
If they are, their team would need to contact the Trust wallet team tthen.


The swaps from BNB to ATOM (COSMOS) were successful, but the ATOM token not showing in my wallet .
I exchanged different amounts twice. Neither were added to my wallet. The things I did last week are visible in my wallet, but these last two are not visible


@aliverpool Can you check your address on the explorer to see what it says.


İ swap bnb ( binance smart chain) to atom ( cosmos)
but this swap give warning now? Something wrong, when i swap its didnt give warning .

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I have been writing about the 2200 dollar bitcoin that was sent to my wallet since April 1 that I have not received till now but nobody is responding to me :sob::sob:


@William8928 Please scan your address on the explorer to see if you have the tokens there, if you do then try troubleshooting:

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