Swapped my from bsc to bnb

Hello, I need urgent help, i swapped my from bsc to bnb and its showing me that it went to the BSC HUB. is it possible to retrieve my bnb?

  1. Version 2.12

  2. Crypto wallet Adress 0xbBc43e0bB0E40849BDCebC2Fc5cA7F1Bd9ba1Ed2

  3. Transcatoin Hash 0xb3861f366538270fd3c5598a82c29863145524e8a2a263027ab740ddcfe358b5

balance swapped was 5.36 bnb

please help its a big amount for me

Hello @vdinani you already received your BNB BEP2 on your BEP2 address: bnb1d0gsv730suqgqju249x6azyk2kjmnjpczh4yw2

If it doesn’t display, try to use VPN and refresh your wallet, if problem persists try to reimport your wallet, here’s guide: How to Re-Import your Wallet