Swapped TRONPAD missing in wallet

I am facing same issue. Transaction was successful but Polypad tokens are not seen in Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet Version - 7.0 (610)
Steps to Repro:
i) Login to Trust Wallet
ii) Navigate to Browser
iii) Type bridge.polypad(dot)com
iv) Connected my Trust Wallet
v) Selected all Tronpad tokens available.
vi) and clicked Swap and confirmed it.
vii) navigated to Trust Wallet and added token. I still see it as “0”

Transaction Hash: 0xe111863bc50bdde91e609e718baf28baa6ac25d22245ad24bd8aa6f5d24b5320

Hello @nameeharry
From the transaction hash you sent above, it seems you made a direct transfer to a contract and received the equivalent amount on the Polygon network.
You can add that token as a custom token with the following details:
Network: Polygon
Contract: 0x1c1817299C00791B52D00651e280Af73E8BD61c3
Decimals: 18


I have swapped my Tronpad token to Polypad token and not Polygon.

Secondly, I added Polygon from Custom Wallet and see only 0.5 MATIC.

The total TRONPAD tokens swapped were 6200 (Approximately $250) And even if you have swapped to MATIC the current price I hold is only $0.76
Do you mean $249 was the transaction charges ?

@nameeharry As you can see from the screenshot above, your TRONPAD is now on the polygon network.
You only need to add it as a custom token using the guide i sent in my previous reply.

@JennyMillan : Thank you for guiding me through. Now I see my Tronpad tokens on Polygon network. How can I swap them to Polypad ?

@nameeharry What token are you trying to swap into?
The Polypad you mentioned above seems to be a website used for swapping.

Polypad is a new token, created by merging two existing tokens TronPad and KCCPAD.