Swapping Bitcoins

Hi, how can I make swap between bitcoins with the application? Just only on the tab swap? has it got any fee?


Hello @claudi,

Swapping the native BTC to other assets is not possible. You can only exchange BTC pegged assets (Wrapped BTC ERC20 and Bitcoin BEP2) using the swap feature in the app.


Sorry but I am novice on this. Then can I swap between BNB and ETH for example?

No worries, we are here to guide you. Regarding BNB to ETH, you can only swap via the Binance Chain for now: BNB BEP2 to ETH BEP2.


Thanks, and is it applied any fee for that? And for making other swap the only option I will have is on the Binance Dex buy the cripto I want selling my other crypto for the one required, is it true?

You will only pay for the network fee. And yes, you will sell your other crypto to swap to another asset.


If I make swap between BNB to ETH, if I deposit after that my ETH to Binance in which network will I have to make the deposit? BEP2 or ERC20?

First thing to do is to check the type you are holding… Thats what you will use to determine where to send it to in binanace…

That’s likely BEP2, see my response: Swapping Bitcoins - #4 by iamdeadlyz

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