Swapping SHIB to COSHIB via Trust wallet using Uniswap

Swapping SHIB to COSHIB via Trust wallet using Uniswap and the status of the smart contract says “success”, and the transaction fee has been deducted (Transaction hash: 0x23174e16d8604eebed736ba91d4d6bdc290577d79d793f6eb005bbb516d98b5f). I am new to using Uniswap and trust wallet so I have no idea if my SHIB is on its way to being swapped for COSHIB or not (and does value = 0 mean the value of my swap? It was $1000 worth of SHIB).

Yesterday it took 5 hours to move Uni tokens from Bitpanda to Trust Wallet, so I am wondering if I have to wait for the swap to go through or has the swap failed. If someone can share their insight, that would be great!

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Hi, @dan_onthe_dancefloor When swapping tokens for the first time, you need to approve it so that the smart contract will recognize and exchange your tokens. That is the first step, which, you encountered right now.

Now, you need to press the “SWAP” button so that you can exchange SHIB to COSHIB.

@dan_onthe_dancefloor on the Uniswap,

I don’t think/remember Uniswap offering a SWAP option after approving the transaction in trust wallet, and it just kept on with the “go to trust wallet” page. Just the “Swap” and “Confirm Swap” prior to “Confirmation”

Because there never was an opportunity to advance from the Uniswap after confirmation i.e., press SWAP, I hit back arrow which then that takes me back to a clean uniswap home page and no record of anything :frowning:

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I was just able to make the same transaction work smoothly (again SHIB to COSHI using Uniswap and trust wallet) and paid heavily for it. Am I still able to recover and complete the earlier transaction seems it was accepted and the contract was paid or has it been lost somewhere between Trust Wallet and Uniswap?

@dan_onthe_dancefloor your ETH didn’t lost , each transaction consumes gas fee. Both token approval and swap consume gas fees. As I told you, the first transaction was for token approval.

If there’s a gas fee for each transaction why would anyone ever want to use your dex to swap anything!

You have to be completely out of your mind I want to pay a 200 to 250 fee to swap a A token can you hold $500 worth of.

I just got done approving BAT Which was a $72 fee. It’s another $172 to swap out of the token! That’s exceptionally insane why would anyone do it!

You have to learn how blockchain works.

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