Tether to TRX wallet


I have sent some USDT (TRC20) to the Tron wallet provided by the Roboforex site on Dec 26, 2020, and it has been confirmed by over 200 blocks but it is not deposited in the site.
I asked them to resolve my problem but finally, they answered that you have sent it to the wrong address and it is not for us!

Does somebody have any solution to tackle the problem?

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Hello again

They have sent me another email just now containing new information.

“Please note that you have made a USDT transfer to TRX address. Therefore the payment system could not locate the payment because this address does not belong to their system.”

When I visit the tronscan site, the coins have settled in the provided wallet.

I can send you the address of the transaction in tronscan site.

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Hi @Tenacious,

Since you sent your USDT TRC20 to their platform, you have to coordinate with their customer support team as this is not a Trust Wallet issue.


Thank you for your response.

I have a technical question, I checked the TRX address and it belongs to them, according to my fault to transfer USDT to TRX wallet, is it possible that there is another address related to Tether (belonging to another person instead of Roboforex) as the same as Roboforex’s TRX wallet address?

would you please explain to me, what would be happened to the money?
My tronscan shows that Tether is deposited in the provided wallet.

I think the site you have sent the scammed you

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In fact, the site is related to a forex broker and I do not think they need to small money.
In the other hand, I deposited before, without any problem.

Maybe. We can’t say for sure as we do not know how Roboforex’s deposit system truly works.

If they cannot configure their system in order to access your assets, then, unfortunately, you can consider it as lost. Please be careful next time and double-check things before transacting.

Thank you for your guidance.

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