The display name changed from SOGE to ERC20

Today I noticed my TrustWallet has changed the display name of SOGE to ERC20.I am wondering what is going on? please explain it why SOGE is replaced by ERC20?

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Hello, try to reimport your wallet - here’s a guide: How to Re-Import your Wallet
If problem persists you can it as custom token and disable the current one, here’s a guide on how to add custom token: How to Add a Custom Token

I try to re-create the custom token and still show ERC20 token logo. I dont understand why i need to re-import the entire wallet just to update the token logo???

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By default, the app is unable to show the token logo, token information and price. They would have to be added first to our Asset repository. This task has to be done by the project owner.

Read more here: Why is there no Token Logo or Price?

When you at a coin, your have to pick the network IMMEDIATELY. IT DEFAULTS TO ETHEREUM