The purchased token did not enter my wallet

I bought a Walton token but it didn’t fit in my wallet. Please check


WTC Mainnet is not supported by Trust Wallet.
You need to use a supporting wallet like their official one.

At this point, you can get the Private Key of where you sent the crypto.

Then use this Private Key on the official WTC wallet.



I already provided the solution, see above your screenshot.


I am Iranian I can’t speak English well Please help Those solutions are very difficult

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I did everything What should I do now? Did you deposit my token?

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I sent some EWT to Trust Wallet EW Token and it hasn’t arrived - can you please help me get it back?
Man this is stressful… I have figured out that I can trace back where they went and retrieve them but it’s so confusing…

I have some EWT that didn’t arrive in my Trust Wallet and also someSNT that didn’t arrive from a coinswitch swap…(they said that they cannot find it there)…

I have the transaction ind=fo for both of these ultimately dumb mistakes I made…
Can you help please?

Bitmart is where I sent the EWT from and they told me it is confirmed as sent to trust wallet… what do I do now?

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There is already a solution provided on this thread, just need to backread.

Noticed that you also created a new thread.
The answer your problem is just the same.

Hi I have purchased some Ether 0.039, but its not reached my Trust Wallet Account please do the needful. Below is my transaction hash# 0xe2bce5c91b7c2cbb0ee462ea151a464210f19b2a25c4984a8399231144a79d90
this is the transaction hash from Giottus

This transaction already came in.
It was an internal one.

The app does not show it on the list of transactions.
But the ETH will be included to the current balance right away.
Learn more here:

Hi still I didnt received ethiriyam in my wallet can you please check and do the needful.

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