Tips To Not Losing Your Wallet (How to Secure Phrase Key) - Author's opinion

Hello friends, in this short article I will give a few tips on how to store your wallet so you don’t lose easily.

Actually, when we created a wallet on Trust Wallet, we were told how to secure the wallet properly.

But somehow many ignore it, or is it possible that the language is too short to be understood?

Prior to the main topic, I will provide key sentences that must be understood.

  1. A decentralized application such as Trust Wallet is an application that is not controlled by a particular company or party, but the application is controlled by each user and is the sole responsibility of the user.
  2. Based on point 1, there is no other way to return your wallet if it is completely lost, except with the phrase key that you keep, otherwise it is lost forever.
  3. With the problem in No. 2, then we need tips for securing a wallet. That is what will be discussed next.

Tips for a safe wallet without fear of losing

As in the point above, your wallet is absolutely the responsibility of the owner.
Here are simple tips from me to make your wallet safe.

  1. When registering a wallet in a Trust wallet, please write down / copy the phrase key and photo.
  2. Store the phrase key safely. But you need to remember. Computer systems have the term “NO SYSTEM IS SAFE, SO BEWARE”.
  3. Save your phrase key in cloud accounts such as Google drive, google photo, OneDrive, Samsung Cloud. And use personal privacy.
  4. Use a different email from the main email for use on No. 3.
  5. Use multiple security on all of your accounts, for example installing a 2-factor authenticator by linking your mobile number, so that every time you log in, you are always asked for the security code. It’s troublesome, but that’s security
  6. Do not publish the email where your phrase key is stored. Because there could be bad people lurking.
  7. Save the key backup on the hardware as well. But of course in my opinion hardware such as flash, hard disk is easily lost and damaged.
  8. When the wallet security data is safe, there is no doubt about it. You can easily delete the Trust wallet application if you want to sell your old cellphone, and import the wallet on a new cellphone easily.
  9. Don’t give access to your phrase key to close friends even if they don’t understand Crypto. Because they could have spread it without being understood.
  10. Then don’t ignore the tips when making a wallet, that you should hand write the phrase key on paper. Although in my opinion paper is easy to lose or burn.
  11. There is also a suggestion from our friends in the community, that saving phrase keys is also good to do in a RAR/ZIP file (archive file). The rar file is then assigned a secure password. Then you can save it on cloud or online and physical storage

That’s a few tips from me. Because the last few days I saw posts from community friends saying that they lost their wallet without saving the phrase key.

Thank you for reading, if there are misspellings and vocabulary, please make suggestions.
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Two points I took from it:
Don’t let others steal your funds.
Don’t lose your funds yourself.


The need to keep ones Phrase key secured, cannot be overemphasized.
People need to hear it as often as possible so, it can be well registered in their memory.


i save my phrase on rar with password that i only use on that rar only


Excellent information very complete!


Actually the only recommended tip from all of it is to write it down on a paper. Storing it on phone, computer or cloud/online is very risky. At least so the experts says. It is phrase btw, not pharse. :grinning::v:

Njuah-juah, silih Bancin. :+1:


Very insightful this is the kind of topics we need in the community. Big ups.


Very interesting!
All points are good but be careful as well with multiple security as well. it means you must not loose your 2 level authenticatot for example. The take away for me is to ensure you save your phrase in a place only you can access when needed.
In addition, memorise the 12 words in order. Get use to it and read it to toutself daily at a strat. that way you wont forget it or loose it. if you can do that, then you silve multiple problem


@jior oke silih juah njuah


@Thesableng This is such a good idea, I haven’t even thought about it. I would also suggest this to the community because it’s good to try, it’s safe too


A very crucial key, but often overlooked


wow i like it thanks for sharing this important tips


Very informative and helpful! Thanks for sharing


I would recommend different solutions for storing funds depending on the value of your investment.

  1. Low value : Store on Cloud, emails and any other safe digital platform for easy accessibility
  2. Mid value : Store offline on physical paper and diary at two different locations. One in your bank locker and other in a safe place at home
  3. High value : Store in cold wallets preferably metal wallets which are heat, fire, acid resistant and can be reused. For e.g. CryptoSteel, CryptoKeyStack, ColdTi

Now what is low, mid and high value will depend on your financial status and risk appetite.

Remember one important thing that hard cold wallets stored can be accessed by your family or kin if you die but with zip files, online storages, encryption, there is a high risk of no one knowing how and where to access. Always keep a diary at a very safe place that can be read by anyone you love. Don’t let your crypto die with you.




Very valid points.
One should consider the type of storage to be used. incase of eventuality, ones loved one can access it. Dont die with your crypto…
Thanks for this


Good points but I don’t agree with saving your phrases on cloud or emails, it’s better write it down and keep save for yourself, I believe we all know how to keep something very important to us safe. So saving it on cloud or online it’s not good option.


Hi I have a concern I retrieved as well my wallet but thee problem is why my fund is missing…please help…thanks

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Such issue happen, @Lesha
First, check if your addresses truly hold your cryptos. Example, you can check your ETH on

If the addresses don’t contain your funds, there could be number of reasons:

  1. This is a completely different wallet , make sure you are opening the correct one.
  2. You have restored the wrong recovery phrases . Every recovery phrase has its own unique Multi-Coin wallet addresses. You need to find the correct set of words to recover your wallet. We do not have a record of these recovery phrases.
  3. Your wallet has been compromised . Someone has gained access to your recovery phrases and stolen your funds. There is nothing we can do at this point.

But if the addresses contain your fund, try using your second phone, download trust wallet app and retry the importation.

If it still didn’t work, reach out the support, providing your details.


I encountered this 3 days ago
I scanned the bsc address on bscscan and I can see my balance from the wallet viewer on Trustwallet

I’m very sure of the recovery phrase but it’s showing me zero balance.
Please help,it’s someone else’s funds and not mine