Token current price and balance not showing


Just purchased some HAPI tokens and the current price of the token together with the balance is not showing in the trust wallet app. The only thing showing is the amount of tokens i bought.

Anyone knows why this is happening?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hello @robertg,

Please read this guide to learn more:

Hi I have purchased elongate and my tokens are showing but balance and market price are not?

Hello @Pjalali,

Please read the guide that I sent earlier so you’ll understand.

Hi sorry I still don’t understand can you please be more specific to the reason why the price is not displayed. Thank you.

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They don’t have the proper data. Check here:

Hi I wanted to know what you mean by it’s not proper data, I also have the same problem

Hello, you seem to know some things… My orfano tokens are showing but the price isnt… may you tell me if it will be listed on coinmarketcap or somewhere else so the price will appear in the trust wallet?


@Potocnik, that’s up to the token developers. It’s my first time hearing about that token.

Yea its pretty new, only a week and a half old… ill just let them do the thing

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