Tokens not received in my TW ('multiple' transaction)

There was a ‘multiple’ BSC-transaction which has transferred USDT-bep20 to 92 wallets including my TW - 0x42a510fc1d69226c38c650b370c8e47536f8afeb2ebe7faa775829d9b346603f
I have not received $691.
My TW - 0x6c135ae6cEA736385E50Cb2aA8E389a4F952D402
Has anybody faced a such problem?

In Telegram “Trust Official Support” channel I was sent to to recover where I should enter the seed phrase. Can I trust this site? Has anybody used it to recover?

Hello @ZalArs
Firstly, the person you spoke with is a scam and that link is a phishing link, do not fill your info there or you risk losing your funds.
Secondly, your USDT tokens are in your wallet as Binance pegged USDT (BEP20 USDT), you only need to add as a custom token

USDT bep20 was already added in my TW long time ago but $691 have not been received. And that’s the problem

You received it, you can check your transaction history here

Yes, on BscScan the transaction is shown as successful, but the tokens have not come in TW. This is seen not only in it but, f.e., on connected PancakeSwap.

Add as a custom token using these details
Network: Smartchain
Contract: 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955
Decimals: 18

It was also tried - no result. The problem is in TW.
Did anybody have this problem?