Tokens show in bscscan but are not in my trust wallet

I’m not sure what’s going on. I recently made several swaps through pancake and the transactions were successful but the new value never showed up in my trust wallet. I can look at my address on bscscan and it shows the tokens and the value but not in my wallet. I have enabled the coins in the wallet, one transaction is eth so it’s not exotic. If anyone can help me to figure this out I would appreciate it, thank you. I imported my wallet using the code words and that didn’t help


did you ever get some answer? Can you please let me know when you have an answer coz I had the same issue. All my safemoon tokens are gone but when I checked in BSCSCAN, it was there. I just don’t know how to recover it. Please let me know. Thanks.

I just did a pancake swap for refinable to DogeCoin, took the Refinable out of my TrustWallet but no (additional; already holding some) DogeCoin arrived. My BSCscan shows $0.00 value???

.I’m not sure if doing pancake swaps is a good idea, because many investors are having problems with the swaps. I also have been trying to figure out how to get my coins to show in my trust wallet after swapping bub for iotx. If someone figure this out please post how it’s done. Thanks.


Hello I have the same problem, is any one know how to fix this issue?I tried to swap some tokens to bnb, is showing that the transaction is successful, but they didn’t swap, they took the fee


Is it possible that Pancake flipped one us and those are some syrupy gas fees, fot some of us?

I flipped $ to swap via Pancake and am missing money via Trust.

Trust me I’m not feeling very trusting. Plus I barely understand this, no matter what I read so… Ugh.


I experienced the same thing today, while I Swaped on Pankake, BNB for ZIl, it shows on BSCscan as a successful transaction, but the tockens never arrived in my wallet. If someone doesn’t do something soon, I’ll leave the whole app forever.
What a f…ing wallet and PankakeSwap, when they can’t provide basic security and at a same time, don’t offer the possibility to complain or help.
Who needs this?


Is there a customer service, same problem. I can’t find the tokens i just bought in my trust wallet while the swap went ok. Where is customer service?


Hey guys. I’m new to this as well so it’s a learning experience. Don’t get frustrated. Unless you sent them somewhere, your assets are still there, you’re just having trouble finding them. I figured out my situation and you will too.
First off, if the transmission was successful, it’s on the blockchain forever. You just need to dispute out how to add them to your wallet. The easiest way to see what you have is open the dapp browser and look at the history and got to pancake swap. When you open that, on the top right by the bunny it will show your address and you can click that and select view in bscscan. Toggle down when that page opens and it will show your tokens and a value. If you open that you will see all your tokens listed as they appear and the number you have. So this shows you that you actually have the assets still. Take note of what they are. Return to trust wallet and open your wallet. On the top right, click the toggle that opens the manage tokens. This shows all the tokens that you can hold in trust wallet. Search the first few letters of the tokens you’re looking for and see what comes up. When you find the tokens click and enable them. You may need to enable more than you think. Enable anything that looks like something you own.
Now remember, trust wallet is at to the Binance chain so it operates in bnb bep2 and bep20 so if your assets are in binance you can see them on the bscscan. If however you made a swap into another blockchain you will have to locate the assets on that chain. In my case I swapped into ethereum. This sounds complicated but it’s not. It will show as eth tokens snd not as eth so you will need to enable the eth token. An easy way to find anything that was transacted to the ethereum chain is as follows. Go back to pancake swap. Open it. Now notice on the left top you see a bnb token and on the right you see your bunny and address. Go to the left top and click the bnb. This will allow you to switch what blockchain you’re looking at. For example click ethereum. Notice your bunny now has a different address. Click that and it will say show in eth scan. Do that and you will get the drop screen and can locate your assets in the ethereum network. Open it and see what they are called. Mine was called bnb pegged er20. Go back to your wallet and find the tokens that correspond through the toggle switch and manage token feature. Enable the proper coins and your assets will appear. I notice from time to time my wallet likes to forget the tokens that are in the ethereum network so I just go back in and enable them again and the tokens are still there. I hope this helps. Be patient and just keep trying.


Hey sparky. There really isn’t a whole lot of customer service. I find you have to read through all the help sections and just keep trying until you figure it out. If you get lucky someone may respond in this forum to assist you but please don’t ever give out any sensitive information because there are plenty of people that will try to take advantage of that.
Sounds like you just need to enable the tokens from your wallet. Top right hit the little toggle button, it looks like two little lines. That will open manage tokens. Find the token and enable it. It should now appear in your wallet
Hope that helps

I figured it out. Hopefully you’re having the same issues and can get it sorted out

I don’t know what network doge trades on but if it’s not in the binance chain you will not see it in bscscan. It’s likely that pancake swap did multiple transactions for you to swap to doge. Go back to pancake and on the top left hit the bnb symbol. Select a different token. Go to the top right by your bunny and hit your address and look in whatever scan is for that token. For example, ethereum network uses ethscan. Binance uses bscscan and so forth. Eventually you should find it

There is my transaction…been looking around…no such luck in locating it.

Hello. Im not sure if its here anyone who can help me with this issue.I tried to contact Apeswap, Binance but They did not reply.
So my issue is : I had some Banana tokens on Apeswap (179 Bananas), then I transffered into trust wallet then to BSC. Amount was showing in my wallet. But then I wanted to transfered to Binance to USDT. Which I noticed later I cant do. So now basically BSCscan shows my amount ,its actually success but I dont have anything. This is the transaction hash 0x36ac6c21741e046e72412d6472936c7fa73ce0855aa5532585dbea88d8fdd08b
if anyone here could help me I would be very pleased. If Its possible however. Thank you

Anyone who helps me get this transaction back will get some DogeCoin…lets see if that puts a flame under the butts.

I’m not an expert, far from it but I was looking into this and I think you got ripped off. I followed the transactions you made snd I can see where it leaves your address and ends up in a final address that is just called address and another time it ended in one called contract, when I looked at the holdings it was just several small and worthless bits of tokens, I assume to keep the scam wallet open and running. I could be wrong because like I said I’m not a pro. But I can tell you that according to the transaction history, it originated from your address and the swaps were made but then instead of your address as the final recipient it’s some other address. I’ll try to attach the link of the address for you. I don’t know if you used the dapp in your trust wallet or somewhere else. If you just did a regular search, you may have used a fake site that seems legit but is a scam. I was able to trace your first refinable swap and it did the same thing. Which really sucks because that’s a lot of money🙁 1447 doge is worth a decent sum
Keep checking into it, I hope I’m wrong


Hey so I little same issue but I sold some coin yesterday and I was gonna transfer smart chain to BNB Binance us but I send that money to BUSD on my Binance accounts and when I check my status it’s says successful but I didn’t get any money in my account and when I check on bscscan my amount is there but I don’t how transfer that money bank to trust wallet or in my Binance account. Can you please help me with that?


So basically I already sold my token and I was trying to transfer my BNB to my Binance accounts but I have to chose receive address from Binance for BNB I chose BUSD that’s the ERC20 and when I checked that transaction I can see my money on bscscan and I don’t know how get my money back from there. Could you please help me!

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Hey Guys I’m in serious need of help!

I sent fullsend tokens directly to my Ethereum on Binance account (don’t ask why because I panicked and all thinking went out the window)

All of my tokens are now in BSCScan because it has the same address as my ERC20 ETH Account!

Please tell me there is a way to recover the tokens?? I’m literally pulling my hair out at the moment.

I would greatly appreciate the help… if successful I will send the person a worthy reward.

Thanks guys,

Can someone please explain this to me. I got hit with the fee but no swap happened. Was trying to swap SHIB to ETH.