Ton explorer vouchers and airdrops


I recently opened the ‘explorer link’ on trust wallet that directs me to to

There are several offers like vouchers.ton to claim NOT , USDT and TON airdrop, with additional links for these.

Are these genuine offers and worth exploring or scams?

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@smrmhk Those are scams, please ignore them.


Hi what happen to my hora token? Isend to my gcash Gcrypto wallet until now idont receive to my Gcrypto wallet? Isend yesterday and today but still now idont receive to my wallet. 2times isend.can you tille what happen?

This is my contract address :0xcba901E3Aa716c5fd15E1E578Ea252A967E38fE0

@loreliza You need to add the token manually, here’s the details to:
Network: Polygon
Contract: 0x60b4C9390bb3eAa726Bdae2CAE412efE3b2a9C31
Here’s a guide: