Transaction from Binance wallet never arrived


I did a transaction from binance to my wallet, but still not received yet. Kindly help me.

This is the transaction Id


App version is: 6.8
Bnb wallet address: bnb1epf0rhf68l5ujvccjq80gwegk4ktjpsjlt9fta

Thank you

You sent your tokens as BEP2 USDT.
Just simply add as a custom token

Hı Jenny i sent bnb to my trustwallet i receieved it but i cannot use them.When i go to pancakeswap my wallet connects but doesnt show my bnb .
above my txid bought bnb from binance
bnb1ss38dw044gzk9432f0wh2802mchr3vpdlrxxv8 this is my bnb contact in trustwallet

can you please help me

my best regards

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The BNB you have is on the BEP2 network, pancakeswap only supports BEP20 tokens.

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Hi, I am hoping you’ll be able to assist. I sent BTCB from Binance to my Smart Chain wallet. The funds are reflecting on bscscan and not in my Trust Wallet. Please help me recover and transferred to my Trust Wallet.

App version: 1.26.17

Your response and assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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Hello you would need to add that token as a custom token if they aren’t being displayed on your wallet.
See guide here:


Thank you very much, you are the best. You have made my day :star_struck:

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