Transaction Help - SNX to Trust Wallet

Hi all,

New to the community but have been dabbling in crypto for past few months and have the basics on trading/moving to the wallet.

However, an issue has cropped up today on which i would really value some insight from the more experienced.

So today, taking advantage of the dip, i bought some SNX for the first time via the binance exchange. Like always i followed the standard route to get this into trust copying the receive address, putting it into binance and so on.

I noticed the fee to transfer it via ERC20 network was high and the option to use BEP20 was an option. After a bit of research I established (well i thought) Trust supports this method. However, upon sending it and getting my confirmation from Binance it has not been received.

The odd thing is i sent some INJ via this network and it was received fine so i am a bit confused as to the issue i am having. The sum, luckily, was very small and i expect their is nothing to be done. But in the sense of acquiring more knowledge i was hoping someone could explain to me why this happened. Or even better explain if i am able to get the tokens back?

Thanks in advance


Hi @mjbirch21 enable SNX bep20 follow this guide How to Add or Remove a Coin


Hi Bongsjr

Thank you so much you are a hero! Can’t believe how simple it was and how there aren’t any videos online explain this easy fix.

Another stupid question alert but is there any difference to these tokens in my wallet? Or is it as simple as being driven by whatever network you send it via?

Thanks again! Really appreciated!

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If I understood you, you want to know if there’s a difference with SNX (ETH) and SNX (Smart Chain)?
Yes there’s no difference to both of them except network it’s built on.
If you have SNX (BSC) you must send using BSC if not

However, note that not all tokens are on ETH, BSC, or Tron network etc. In other words you have to be sure if the token you want stored in Trust Wallet is built on the intended network you want to store it.

Example, SNX is both on ETH and BSC. But token such as CAKE is on BSC but not on ETH network.

Hope you got the point.

Hi I bought falconswap tokens and they are not showing up in my trust wallet , can anyone help

Hello @Gamers305, you need to add the token manually, follow this guide to add a custom token How to Add a Custom Tokena

Hi I was advised by Binance not to use BEP20 but BEP2 network to send SNX to trustwallet. When I add BEP2 to trustwallet the market price doesn’t appear on the screen.
The ERC20 network is the ‘safest’ but the fees are 10x more. also the name in Binance in Synthetix Network Token. In the trustwallet iOS app

  • the ERC20 name is Synthetix (SNX)
  • the BEP20 name is Binance-Peg SNX and
  • the BEP2 name is Synthetix Network Token (the same in my Binance wallet but no price appears on the trustwallet ‘home’ screen)

Any feedback is appreciated - which works that ‘marries’ up with Binance for any fee lower than the ERC20 price.


Please do these first:

  1. Update your App if you haven’t done so yet.
  2. Clear App Cache and re-import your wallet.

Hello friends… I m looking how to transfer my SNX from trust wallet to binance. Is there anyone who can guide me. Thank you

Do well to follow this guide on sending/transferring any coin. Its same process but first confirm the Blockchain you are sending from and if Binance support that Blockchain.

Sending Cryptocurrencies.

After reading this guide, go to Binance wallet, select the coin you want to receive in binance.
Click on withdraw, select the exact Blockchain and enter your address.
Click on deposit to copy the receiving address.
Go to trust wallet to send the crypto using the address Binance gave you.