Transaction missing

HI team

I purchased USDC this morning from Trust Wallet by Simplex. The transaction was finished and approved by Simplex, but It is been a few hours passed I still can’t see any transaction on Etherscan.

Here is the link:

Trust Wallet app version 5.11(5118) iOS

I’ve contacted Simplex and they asked me to contact your end.
Please let me know if you need more information for checking, many thanks.

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Please share the transaction hash

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Ive withdrawn SHA (safe haven) from my bitrue account to my trustwallet adress. Ive received a confirmation text but didnt receive any tokens in my trustwallet… can someone help me?

Shalom ma/sir
I transferred binance smart chain to my other wallet on April 20 2021 , 01:23am…the transaction is successful but i can’t find the bsc, i have waited 72 hrs but couldn’t find it,i have verified the address and it’s correct!

Can somebody please reply to me I logged this yesterday and no response poor service!

I made a transaction today and it was to buy BNB with safemars I think
I did 3 transactions at the same time and lost 300 dollars somehow .I deleted the app and reinstalled it but my wallet is still missing funds ?

I have purchased moon safe from pancake swap and the funds have been taking from my trust wallet but my moon safe balance is showing as £0.00 please can you let me know where my funds are as I made several attempted transactions all which went through but still no funds showing