Transaction not received in my wallet

  1. Trust Wallet app Version 4.10


@Oilmoney77 Can you provide the transaction ID of the transaction.


I transfered about 520 dollars in trx into my wallet which kept exiting my account after i placed all of it in 3 transactions. i have 0 balance now in my wallet and i dont understand why and where it went? i made a ticket to see what happened, anyways u have the photo down and the wallet address
and transaction hashes.

  1. Version 9.6(802) apple app

  2. TJtJmAFow5Ugo2nmec1uAEoLZMzM9hPcZd (my trust wallet) and all money went to

  3. heres the 3 hash ids from first to last

  4. 05bae5f7805d06c29c2e19897590c456bd06879de23cb0258a95aa4afd60ebf7

  5. 0ca90a486048bf67215721af2d02670f36f45df7748b84e23c2e0205ef7cd5a1

  6. 914b52dd5cc6749310b16f62089475be5d153c4d5f778068c6a0d1d809fab33a

i also saw i got an email to update wallet but it doesnt update for me at all, i need a solution.

Hi @yrnmido take a look :

Transaction ID: c9213963e20e2d70fbdd1c72f1dae988b10595e027e90d22b012d23df72ad0b0

@Oilmoney77 You received your BTC already.
If you can’t still see your tokens, use the troubleshoot guide below:

Hey no way my wallet got hacked because it was all instant in the same moment and no one could’ve compromised. it said in the email that if i dont update before oct 6 my wallet will be suspended so i thought maybe my assets are frozen. i cant update and now i dont know what to do. please help

Are you trolling ? what email? It’s a scam, I just told you. your wallet is compromised and there is nothing we can do about it.

  1. Trust wallet app version 4.10


  1. Crypto receiver address: bc1qluuqkj7y6t80wj92xssa6ffvgh6wtvesc6thqu


  1. Transaction ID: c9213963e20e2d70fbdd1c72f1dae988b10595e027e90d22b012d23df72ad0b0

A transfer of $22 worth Btc was transferred to my trust account but it’s not reflective here on my account. Pls help me rectify this!

Transaction hash: 97d0155e59356462d2a90cd78c2e301166ae35896b0ee986a7f250c9f9b88a06

Hello @Wizprince Please check that you have the recent app version, if you do, then reimport your wallet.

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Hi, I process 2 transactions yesterday Back to back apparently before the first one fully is sitting in my wallet, but all of a sudden the account balance became 0. Shows 4 transactions as ins and outs. I didn’t’ process the out’s transactions only in transactions were done by me. even though transactions are shown complete, but still hasn’t posted in my wallet.
Please help me how to fix this.
I also submit ticket to trust wallet. but haven’t heard from them
version of my app is 9.6(802)

Address: bc1qqsvzehy34sluy3kznqxnze2x4xrn9e2j3ldky9

I just did and now I’m unable to find my secret pass phrase to import my wallet, what can i do

@Fgh4894 If you didn’t authorize the transaction out, that means your wallet is compromised and you need to stop using the wallet immediately.

out transactions are right away with ins. I don’t think it was compromised. it’s exact same in and out.

@Fgh4894 But you didn’t make the transaction neither do you recognise the transaction or do you?

both transactions are all gone so same batch, as i tracked. they both are in pool account. they are not individual account transaction. I re searched and I am confident my account is safe. just these 2 transactions got stucked. trying to figure out how to push it to my account

@Fgh4894 Please send the transaction has of the two transactions again

if my account got hacked can I do anything about it? or nothing? I don’t know what to say. I think you were right.