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Dear memebers,

If one connects their wallet via the browser within the Trust Wallet app to a site that turns out to be fraudulent (false site) and contains a transferFrom function where all coins that you have bought from the officially site disappear but do not affect other assets, should one be worried? I guess this is called a vector attack and I wonder if the scammers can access other assets in Trust Wallet or if it’s just that currency since nothing else has disappeared? No one has the secret phrase/key.



@Rollingcombo To be on a safer side, it’s advisable to create a new wallet and send out your funds there.


@tobi, thanks for response. Yes done that, but still need that wallet since I have a pre-sale connected to it. Any magical solution?

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@Rollingcombo Move all your current funds out.
If it’s likely your pre sale tokens are received and not sent out to the scam then you can withdraw it.

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