Transfered Shiba Inu from kucoin (not received)

Happy New Year… So I transferred Shiba Inu coins from kucoin to trust wallet. I’ve enabled the SHIB erc20 coin to my list but I still don’t see my coins. I’ve also checked the etherscan and it shows transactions was completed successfully

Here’s the txhash - 0xabc1ddf1d93d20165021af5309dee32812f40578bd4ff43ed9227fafa99d9fe5

Here’s my trust wallet SHIB address - 0xf42b556E240b5a3820365414cE91BCaCd5bBA287


Hello @Robbdeeze, Your transaction hash shows you received, please follow the troubleshoot guide below:

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Thank you so so much Tobi. Fixed it. Trust wallet app on my phone was extremely out of date. Salute to you :pray:t6:

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