Transfering BTC from binance to TrustWallet via LTC

Is it possible to transfer BTC from Binance to TrustWallet not paying that 0.0005 btc fee?

how about swapping btc->XLM(stellar) on binance, sending it via XLM network to trustwallet and doing swap ‘locally’ to btc back again?

what kind of fees i can encounter here ? perhaps do you have any tutorial on how to do it?



Hello @tommyboy it is not possible to transfer your BTC or any coin/token without transaction fees.

XLM based tokens are not supported.


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Hi, you cannot swap BTC from XLM in trustwallet swap option. But if you want to avoid fees there are two options, either send BNB from binance to trust wallet and then swap but unfortunately it will give you BTCB not BTC. So that is not good if you want to send to someone.
Other option is open account of ftx , send anytoken like Usdt trc20 to ftx and then convert there into btc and from there you can send to trust wallet with zero withdrawal fee. Btc sending from ftx is free.


thanks for your answers, I’m wondering about one more thing,

I managed to send BTC from Coinbase pro to trustwallet without any issues with a very low fee,

Now how about sending BTC first to Coinbase pro and then to trust wallet,
question is how to send it to my Coinbase pro wallet in a low cost manner? Swapping to any coin, what are your suggestions? I assume exchange2exchabge is more flexible way?


Yes you should swap to a coin which has low withdrawal fee, like BNB or Tron (trx) but make sure the coinbase pro supports that coin/token.