Trasnfer TWT Token from Binance to Trust Wallet

Yesterday I withdraw 100 tokens TWT (VeThor Token) from my Binance account to my Trust Wallet.
At the moment the tokens aren’t disponible at Trust Wallet.

I send to address: 0xaAFF8B2b6e28c6c7624E029Ca2B3864E4EdD158C

TxID: 0x3f8534727fa1c282f6c22a1b4d16b0d22c8add5bc17c0350a17dddaaa09953d2

Can you help?? Thank you


Hello @Hpassos,

Please be informed that TWT is not a VeThor Token, it is Trust Wallet Token. To use/see your TWT BEP20 tokens, please enable it. You can follow this guide: How to Add or Remove a Coin


@Hpassos It seems you have sent the tokens to TrustWallet Contract

@iamdeadlyz - please confirm

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@vipul19, incorrect. User sent it to his/her wallet.

Thanks for confirming. Found the transaction here.


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i transfered my token from binance to trust wallet but it is not reflecting. what do i do? the hash id is 0xe9f02887f1ccd6cad6fb1d757050afcc095ed2eed023c202bc9e40b6d438b24a the value is 95.5 twt


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TIP: ADD BOTH TWT TOKENS (bnb and smart chain)
Click the more button
It gives the option to swap from one chain to the other

Anyone can help? I send my tokens TWT from Binance to address of VeThor Tokens of my Trust Wallet. Can I recover the tokens? I folow the tutorial to recover tokens when we send to incorrect adress but I dont have sucess…

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Hi @emekaorji,

Please search and enable TWT BEP20. You can follow this guide: How to Add or Remove a Coin

@Hpassos, give it a try again. Follow this guide thoroughly: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address (use the VET derivation path in the guide)

I try the VET in derivation path in the guide, but I cant. I try other options but doesnt work.

After do the steps, import the private key thats site generate to Smart Chain in Trust Wallet nothing happens…

@Hpassos, here are the key highlights that you should check.

  1. You entered the correct recovery phrase.
  2. The selected coin is ETH - Ethereum
  3. The derivation path is BIP32 and you used the custom one for VET

After doing that, scroll down to the “Derived Addresses.” You will see your VeThor address there with its private key.

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I tried many times without success to transfer TWT to binance and error message appear insufficient smart chain bnb to cover network fees (0,00077038 BNB) and i have no solution and don’t want top pays minimum 50€ top but smart chain bnb do toi have solution please ?
Thanks toi in avance for tour help

You can try to send it out again.

For those who are experiencing the same issue, you need to have balance on your Smart Chain BNB wallet.

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