Question about BNB transaction fees

hi, i cant seem to post a new topic so posting here,
whats the go with the BNB network fee… like many here its very confusing…
I have BNB in my trust wallet, I am trying to send TWT , or convert TWT but always message about not having enough BNB in my wallet for the network fees, but I do have enough BNB to cover the stated transaction fee in the wallet… help, so far for me trust wallet is a trust us with your money which you cannot get wallet…

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First check if you u are converting to thesame chain I mean bep2 or bep20, seems their is always a fee charge base on this chain, If your token is in bep20 and still confused I will suggest u use panacakeswap

There are two BNB and two TWT. And you should identify them carefully

  1. BEP2 token

  2. BEP20 token (Binance Smart Chain / Smart Chain)

thanks, my TWT is in bep20 , it was origianally on Binance and i transferred it to my trust wallet to try it out… but now its stuck there ?..

I am ok with a fee charge, but its very unclear how i pay this fee, when it just says i do not have enough BNB, when i do have BNB in the wallet and i cannot see another type of BNB i can purchase to allow the transaction…

I am equally unsure about your suggestion to use pancakeswap to make it work , as i am trying to sell a Trust Wallet Token from a trust wallet and if i have to use a 3rd party website to make that happen oh lol where is the trust…

thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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Transaction fees are too much in trustwallet, recently tried to transfer Eth from trustwallet, network fee was 6$. Too high, :disappointed_relieved:

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Just choose bnb , click on more then click on Swap to samrt chain.
after that you can swap or trade TWT using trustwallet Dex.

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Hi @Hampi,

Please be informed that we are not the ones who are charging the fees. It goes directly to the miners of the network. Kindly read: Why is my ETH transaction fee so high?

Hello @gkm,

I believe the BNB that you have right now is a BEP2 token. Please follow this guide and swap some of your BNB BEP2 to BNB BEP20: How to make a Crosschain Swap on Trust Wallet

Can Trust wallet account be hacked if the hacker doesn’t have access to your trust wallet key?

No but you could give them permission to spend your tokens.
See here: