Trust Barn: Stake TWT, earn JulD on

Stake TWT, earn JulD

We’re happy to announce the second The Barn of Trust on Beefy Finance is a yield optimizer on Binance Smart Chain. The platform helps you earn more from the tokens you stake, than you would get staking them on other platforms.

The second Trust Barn will let you earn JulD tokens, by staking your TWT. $25,000 of JulD tokens were provided by JulSwap themselves in order to reward and encourage Trust Wallet users.

:rotating_light: You don’t have to hold BIFI in order to stake your TWT, but you can earn extra rewards if you hold both. To learn more about this visit the beefy finance telegram chat :rotating_light:

This is just the beginning… there will be even more Trust Barns in the future :rocket:

What is JulSwap?

JulSwap is the equivalent of Uniswap on the Binance Smart Chain and offers the same trading engine and analytics as Uniswap. JulSwap has an in-house designed JustLiquidity Protocol as well as an ERC20 to BEP20 (and vice versa) Token Bridge. One unique feature of JulSwap is the option to place limit orders, learn more here.

How does the Barn of Trust work?

You can access the Barn of Trust directly from the Trust Wallet DApp browser at If you are on iOS and don’t have access to the DApp browser, follow these instructions to enable it on your device.

  • You can stake upto 1000 TWT, if you stake from multiple wallets on the same device you will be barred from future Trust Barns, be warned.

  • You can deposit your TWT immediately, you will begin earning from 11:30 UTC for one week. The longer you stay in, the more you will earn.

In order to earn your free tokens from the Barn of Trust you will need to stake BEP20 TWT. Learn how to convert your BEP2 TWT into BEP20 TWT directly within your Trust Wallet app with a cross chain swap.

How to stake your TWT for JulD on

  1. Go the Barn home page at in your Trust Wallet DApp browser and set the network to Smart Chain.

  1. Tap on Connect and then choose Trust Wallet.

  1. Choose to stake TWT in order to earn JulD

  1. Stake up to a maximum of 1000 TWT, you can withdraw and claim your rewards at any time. You will get all of your TWT back, as well as your rewards from JulSwap.

  1. There will be 2 transactions that you need to approve so make sure you have Smart Chain BNB for fees.

Pro tip, if you already hold $BiFi tokens and are staking them in the BiFi Maxi vault you can use your mooVault receipt ($mooBIFI tokens) to earn some bonus JulD in the other barn. To learn more about this visit the beefy finance telegram chat.

You can only stake 1 mooBIFI to earn additional JulD tokens.