Trust wallet Activation

Hi - I am relatively new to the whole crypto world and wallets are very confusing to me at this point. Been trading on CB for years and get the jist of things but now I want to learn more. I was introduced to Cryptofames and have invested a small amount, 1K, and it has grown substantially. Because of that I have been told I have earned a bonus. In order to receive that bonus I needed to open a Trust wallet which I did no problem with their help. Now I am being told I need a minimum transaction history of 1K to activate the wallet in order for my bonus to show in the wallet. I need some help to verify this is actually a requirement and also what, if anything, does anyone know about Cryptofames. So far what I have found shows they are legit but this requirement feels off to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hello @Nj19rmj Please be informed that Trust Wallet is a free, decentralized app that allows users to be custodians of their crypto assets.

Anyone can create a wallet without the need for any user verification.

Regarding your issue, we will never ask users to deposit funds to activate account. We will never contact you fist and ask for more or wallet recovery phrase. Also, there’s no such thing as “account activation “.
I assume you have been contacted by scammers try to steal money from you.

There are alerts regarding this type of scam:

I advise you to stop interacting with that kind of platforms you’ll end up compromising your wallet.
If you connected your wallet with such that platform, don’t deposit any money to that wallet. Create new wallet and transfer your remaining funds to the new wallet then discard it.

Learn more:


This sound like a scam . I will advice you to stop communicating with them ASAP and dont click their links . You may be vulnerable to malicious smart contracts


Thanks and was my feeling as well. Thanks for the alerts as well!
Very helpful

Thanks Susan. What exactly are smart contracts? I have never heard that term before.

Are you familiar with Cryptofames at all? This is the platform I am working with. I have looked and researched them and they seem to be legit but trying to find some folks who have used them or at least heard of the platform.

@Nj19rmj these platforms are created daily, a ton of them. We have seen a lot of complaints too, that’s why I told you that it is a scam. Take your time reading articles I provided above on how these scams work.