Trust Wallet Adds Custom Network Support for the Mobile App

Trust Wallet users can now experience the same convenience of adding custom EVM networks on their mobile app as they do using our browser extension. This capability, such as adding any EVM compatible network, is available to enhance your user experience and give you more freedom to connect and interact with more chains.

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Trust Wallet now supports more networks than ever

With Trust Wallet, users can store and transfer over 8.5 million of crypto assets across an impressive coverage of 70+ blockchain networks. But that’s not all - thanks to the app’s new custom network configuration feature, there are even more blockchains at your fingertips! Any EVM-compatible chain is now accessible through one convenient wallet platform.

Why add a custom EVM network?

Trust Wallet provides a way to connect and interact with any custom EVM network of your choosing even if it is not integrated on the Trust Wallet app. This allows you to easily store, send, receive coins/tokens, and even connect to dApps on that network.

For example, suppose you wanted to add Moonbeam which is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot. Using this feature, you can simply add support for the Moonbeam network directly in your Trust Wallet app. This will enable you to send and receive the Moonbeam token and interact with dApps on the Moonbeam network. You can do this for any other EVM compatible networks.

Be sure to check out this guide [How to Add a Custom Network on the Trust Wallet Mobile App] to learn how to add custom EVM networks in your Trust Wallet app.

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