Trust Wallet Extensions Adds Fiat-to-Crypto Purchases, Aptos, Polygon zkEVM, & more

We’re excited to announce that the Trust Wallet browser extension now supports a number of new features. These include:

  • The ability to buy crypto directly in the extension with fiat
  • Support for the Aptos blockchain and BEP-2 tokens
  • Support for Polygon zkEVM

These additions, already available on the Trust Wallet mobile app, further enhance the Trust Wallet experience across both mobile and browser platforms.

Unlock more opportunities with the Trust Wallet Browser Extension

With the addition of these new features the Trust Wallet Browser Extension is quickly becoming the one-stop shop multi-chain wallet extension. We previously announced browser extension support for Solana dApps – and with these latest additions, Trust Wallet is currently the only extension that supports EVM, Solana, BEP-2, and now Aptos.


As the crypto industry continues to evolve, the need for a unified experience becomes increasingly important. Fragmented systems that require people to rely on different wallets for different blockchains can hinder adoption and limit opportunities for growth. At Trust Wallet, we’re committed to breaking down these barriers and providing a seamless experience for everyone. And with the Trust Wallet Browser Extension, you can access multiple blockchains and dApps with just one wallet, making it easier than ever to navigate and enjoy Web3.

Buy Crypto with the Trust Wallet Browser Extension

We’re proud to introduce the ability to buy crypto directly within the Trust Wallet browser extension using fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP and many other international currencies. This feature simplifies the process of acquiring digital assets, making it more accessible for both newcomers and seasoned crypto enthusiasts. By enabling seamless and secure purchases of cryptocurrencies, Trust Wallet continues to streamline the user experience and promote wider adoption of Web3. Moreover, holding 100+ TWT in your wallet rewards you with discounted buying fees, adding another layer of value to dedicated members of our community.


Integrating Aptos into the desktop experience

Aptos is a cutting-edge blockchain platform that leverages advanced technologies to provide unparalleled scalability, energy efficiency, and security. It’s designed to support a wide range of decentralized applications (dApps) and facilitate seamless interactions between users and smart contracts, paving the way for a new era of blockchain innovation. The integration of Aptos into the browser extension means you can now connect to a wide range of Aptos dApps, execute smart contract calls, and send and receive tokens on the Aptos network.

Bringing BEP-2 tokens to the Trust Wallet Extension

We’re also excited to bring support for BEP-2 tokens to the Trust Wallet Browser Extension. BEP-2 tokens are a type of cryptocurrency token built on the Binance Beacon Chain, which is a blockchain that focuses on fast and secure transactions. They have some similarities to ERC-20 tokens, which are built on the Ethereum blockchain, but there are some differences in how they’re implemented. With Trust Wallet, you can easily access and use both BEP-2 and ERC-20 tokens, expanding your access to DeFi.

Native support for Polygon zkEVM

Another key feature we’ve added to this latest release of the Trust Wallet extension is support for Polygon zkEVM. This groundbreaking Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum combines the power of zero-knowledge proofs and EVM compatibility, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective platform for users and developers. By offering native support for Polygon zkEVM, Trust Wallet enables you to seamlessly interact with DeFi applications, NFT marketplaces, GameFi platforms, and enterprise applications built on this innovative technology. The integration of Polygon zkEVM into the Trust Wallet extension further strengthens our commitment to providing a unified, secure, and user-friendly experience for the ever-growing Web3 ecosystem.

Your one-stop-shop multichain solution for a Seamless Web3 experience

At Trust Wallet, our commitment to the growth and development of Web3 drives us to continually expand our ecosystem while ensuring a high level of security for our users. By integrating support for Aptos, BEP-2, Solana, and all EVM, as well as the ability to buy crypto, we’re providing the kind of one-stop shop people need to explore Web3 without borders.