Trust Wallet for PC Version (Cross Platform and Cross Device)

Do we need the PC version of the Trust Wallet application? And what is the urgency of this PC version application?

We know that a smartphone is a mobile device that is easy to carry, so it is the right choice so that it really makes financial transactions easier.

But what about the need for the PC version? Tell me your opinion …

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There was some discussion on this topic. Link is on my reply.
If you intrested, here is other one point: on this week Microsoft release a fix for 2 zeroday hacks that was known since 2018. Nice and safe, may i say)))) So, imo, tabletop systems is now in end of priority.


Nice interface…good idea

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if we have pc version then it will be best for all

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Pc version very good

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It will be a welcome development to access ones wallet across or different kinds of device and it will be user friendly as well.


This is a very bad idea especially if you seed phrase is saved on pc. Your phone is much more secure and the pc will be a lot easier to hack.

It is a good idea only if you use a qr code to connect mobile wallet to desktop or web wallet without saving any seed phrase on pc so essentially you are just viewing your mobile wallet on pc.


PC or web platform would be useful. It provides flexibility for users who don’t want to transact on their phone.


It’s a nice concept. And I guess the browser extension has just started to adopt it


We recently announced the official launch of the Trust Wallet browser extension:

To get started, here’s the guide:

As this idea has been implemented already, I’ll be closing this topic.

If you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out at or