Trust Wallet Provides Seamless Crypto Transfers with Coinbase Pay and Binance Pay

Users can easily add funds to Trust Wallet directly from their exchange account in just a few clicks

Trust Wallet is happy to announce new integrations with Coinbase Pay and Binance Pay that make transfers from these trusted exchanges to your wallet more seamless than ever. With this exciting announcement, Trust Wallet becomes another major web3 wallet that supports Coinbase Pay transfers. Additionally, Trust Wallet is the first self-custody wallet to integrate Binance Pay.

Our mission at Trust Wallet is to build a seamless web3 gateway and open crypto ecosystem. Working collectively with other ecosystem players who align with our mission enables more people to safely use web3. Below, we’ll explain what Coinbase Pay and Binance Pay are and how you can get started using these features with Trust Wallet today!

What are Coinbase Pay and Binance Pay?

Coinbase Pay lets Coinbase account holders purchase or transfer crypto directly from within a web3 app such as a self-custody wallet, decentralized exchange, or NFT marketplace. What makes the service so convenient is you no longer need to log into multiple devices or enter transfer details to make digital asset transfers or purchases. For instance, to deposit crypto from your Coinbase account to your Trust Wallet, simply tap on the “Coinbase Pay” option inside the wallet and follow the easy steps.

Similar to Coinbase Pay, Binance Pay allows users of the Binance Exchange to seamlessly use the crypto in their exchange account for transfers, payments, and much more. These are services used by millions of people worldwide, and their integration into the Trust Wallet ecosystem opens the door for more people to easily self-custody their crypto.

How to get started with Coinbase Pay or Binance Pay

To use the Binance Pay or Coinbase Pay transfer option, be sure to update your Trust Wallet mobile app. If you don’t have Trust Wallet yet, you can download the app here.

Once you have your Trust Wallet app updated and can see the transfer options, use the following guides to transfer crypto from your exchange account to Trust Wallet:

Transfer crypto to Trust Wallet using Coinbase Pay
Transfer crypto to Trust Wallet using Binance Pay

Creating a more decentralized economy

Our mission is to make crypto and web3 more accessible, and with these new integrations, users can seamlessly transfer digital assets with trusted crypto exchanges directly to their Trust Wallet. Having a seamless bridge between these exchanges and Trust Wallet enables more users than ever to easily keep their crypto secure.

Download Trust Wallet here to use Binance or Coinbase Pay for seamless crypto transfers.