Trust Wallet Referral Program Version 2

The Trust Wallet Referral Program Version 2 will be paused from October 26th.

Refer your friends, earn TWT

When a new user downloads Trust Wallet with your referral code and buys $50+ worth of crypto in the app, both of you will receive 25 TWT.

Rewards will be paid 1-2 days after a successful referral and in the near future, we hope to make the referral rewards instant.

When does it start?

From August 1 PST the new referral program will be live and you can start earning!

Once the new referral program starts, all inactive referral codes will be activated. Banned codes will remain banned.

How to refer a friend

In your Trust Wallet app click on the settings icon in the bottom right. Then tap on the ‘Invite Friends’ button. If you don’t see this option you will need to update your app.

After you hit ‘Invite a Friend’ you’ll see the rewards screen which explains the referral program and also shows your earned rewards.

From here all you have to do is click the invite friends button and then share your invite link to your friends. The link is magic and will detect what kind of mobile device your friend is using and direct them to the correct app store.

Once your friends download Trust Wallet from this link and buy $50+ of crypto within their app, you’ll qualify for a TWT reward.

Important Notice

  • The Trust Wallet team will not tolerate any exploitation of the mechanics of the referral program
  • The Trust Wallet team can cancel all referrals that are deemed invalid. Users will be banned and will not be eligible to participate in any future campaigns.
  • Trust Wallet reserves the right to modify the referral program terms at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud, or any other factors we deem relevant.