Trust Wallet Transaction History on IOS 6.0

I’m in a situation where I need the transaction history from the Trust Wallet. Mine doesn’t show any of my transactions… not even the latest 25. I only use BNB and Smart Chain. I’m on IOS 6.0. I realize that I can get the transaction history from bscscan, but that will not suffice as I need to prove that the transaction originated in my Trust Wallet. Need to be able to see the date, amount, and coin on the transaction. How do I accomplish this?

The reason that I need the transaction history is to recover BNB that was sent to Binance.US without a memo. They’re telling me that I have to send the three items one of which is the transaction history. Here is the exact quote from them:

At your earliest convenience, please send us all of the following information.

***** TXID:** We need the full transaction ID (TXID) for the deposit that is not showing in your account. Please copy/paste the actual TXID and send it in text format as we are unable to transcribe screenshots.**

***** Video:** We need a video of you with your face clearly visible saying all of the following into the camera “Today’s Date is (date), the name of the coin is (coin), and deposit amount is (amount).” This is to confirm that you are the owner of the account and that you authorized this transaction. Please attach the file directly to this thread in your reply, or if necessary, via a dropbox link. We are not able to view google drive files.**

***** Screenshots:** We need a screenshot of your wallet/exchange that clearly shows the transaction details such as…**
*** 1. The name of the coin.**
*** 2. The amount of the transaction.**
*** 3. The date of the transaction.**

***Please note, this is to show ownership of the originating wallet and must be a screenshot of this transaction from inside of the actual wallet or exchange, i.e. logged in, rather than a screenshot of the transaction on the chain explorer.

I’m not trying to be told that this is a Binance issue and I need to contact them for further support. I already have contacted them and they’re trying to help. What I need to accomplish is getting my transaction history from my Trust Wallet on IOS. Once again, I cannot see any of my transactions history in my trust wallet. You’re supposed to be able to see the last 25 for each token or coin. Mine shows zero transaction. Getting the data from the explorer will not suffice according to them. I need to provide the last transaction history screenshots from within my wallet. What is the solution to this problem? Is there a dev team that can help me or level 3 support? Anything? I put my Trust in your wallet. Please help me.


For anyone else facing this same issue I received this response from Trust Wallet’s support team:

> This is a temporary issue and transactions will appear with time.
> Our developers are currently working on our own transactions indexer and it’s not completely filled with historical data.
> This may take a couple of days.

You may use any public explorer to access your transaction history in the meantime.

Can we get an official response on the forum as well that matches this statement from support? Also, think it would be helpful to drill down on the a timeline as this missing transaction data is an inconvenience.


Hello @n8biz try to reimport your wallet and check your transaction history. Here’s a guide on how to re-import your wallet: How to Re-Import your Wallet

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I did that, but still no transaction history. Can we please get a comment from a developer or product lead on this issue? Timeline? Facts?


Having the same issue not seeing transaction history So frustrating going back n forth between Trust Wallet and Binance


Can you share your BNB address so that we can check?
When did you do the transaction?

What transaction are you referring to?
Please provide more details:

  1. App version
  2. Crypto address
  3. Transaction ID that is missing.
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@zachzwei My Trust Wallet doesn’t show any transaction history. Once again, I have already tried reimporting.

    1. IOS 6.0
    1. Trust Wallet sending address - bnb1pm38j5jy3m3w0q28z5edkvzpsnqwfu2zj7r5q0
  • Binance(Us) BEP2 receiving address - bnb10749k3j3lk763s9amgfhtyf72pfggf22x7glc0
    1. 2C6C4A0E3564F60EA0DE8CE856888004835EBA248F940D2B08C19AD58CDEF1F1

This information needs to be present in my Trust wallet in order for BinanceUS to correct the no memo issue. There’s no warning on the Trust Wallet or BinanceUS mobile app that states you need to include a memo. I realize this is my fault, but with traditional banking… memos are typically optional.

There are quite a few people facing the same issue. All the wallets I use except Trust’s contains my transaction history and maintains it even if reimported. This issue should be apart of the product roadmap. However, I do understand that the public explorers would lead your team to believe otherwise.


It looks like this transaction happened 40 days ago.
According to our devs, they will increase the range of the transactions.
Check again within 24 hours. If it is not there, re-import the wallet to resync the transaction history.

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Ok, I will check again in 24 hours and reimport. Interesting to note that not even my transactions from a few days ago show when reimporting… so I’m assuming this is related to a bug?

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I’m also having trouble working out a transaction history after a few cancelled orders may have been partly placed - it’s hard to work out viewing the Binance Dex Explorer.

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I have the exact same problem and I really need them for binance. Would you please help me with that?
I clear the cash to get out the app because binance asked for a video of the login procces as well as transactions and their details (they said to hide the phrase) when I logged in the usdt trc20 was gone. When I add the token the transactions didn’t appear again!
My app version is 1.23.1
Token address:
All transactions for usdt trc20 are gone

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Your TRX token is in your wallet. Check on the explorer also to confirm

Thanks for your answer.but the transactions to binance destination with the below address are not listed:

And also binance actually want me to show them in my own wallet that there is nothing there. Anything I can do to recover them to be shown in my wallet?

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Hi i need a help badly
In my wallet there was few coins but my wallet was vanished for a while from my phone later on i retrive my wallet my wallet is empty .i need my wallet transaction history cam any one help me plz

To better assist, please send the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)

  2. Crypto wallet address (press the receive icon near the send button, take a screenshot of the QR code, and attach it here)

  3. Transaction hash or link (if you have any, please copy and paste)

  4. Screenshots of the wallet (including errors or missing balance)

Hi i tried to send u an email with my attached required document but email didnt go throug

![Screenshot_2021-10-20-14-02-01-79_08800057d42e3b72e31ae4fd4c41ba57|230x500](upload://dsL4cNpIu7O1LG4dhwKw9huabEF.jpeg) ![Screenshot_2021-10-20-14-01-47-70_08800057d42e3b72e31ae4fd4c41ba57|230x500](upload://7zW49sPzTAQggVDyuX2tHB691KX.jpeg) ![Screenshot_2021-10-20-14-01-39-52_08800057d42e3b72e31ae4fd4c41ba57|230x500](upload://uqkEkcqf8w4TAohb65uNXIC8ERM.jpeg)

Is there have any alternate way of sending required screenshoot.bescause i could sendor attached picture

You should be able to attach screenshots as media directly, please try doing that.