Trust Wallet & WalletConnect – Accessing allows decentralized finance (DeFi) users to borrow, earn, and multiply their exposure to cryptocurrency.

As a web3 application, accessing requires a compatible supports several popular Web3 wallets including Trust Wallet, which you can also use WalletConnect to connect with. For the most up-to-date list, visit the website, where the prompt to connect a wallet will provide you with all the current options.

You can interact with the MakerDAO and Aave Protocols when using your wallet. provides a non-custodial infrastructure for your Maker and Aave Protocols activities.

WalletConnect allows all Trust Wallet users to interact with Dapp will notify users to approve all transaction requests directly from their mobile device without compromising recovery phrases or private keys.

How to create a Trust Wallet account

Creating your first Multi-Coin Wallet is simple and can be done in minutes. Please follow the steps in the official Trust Wallet guideline.

How to Access with Wallet Connect and Trust Wallet on your smartphone:

Below, we provide a step-by-step guide on accessing the decentralized web with WalletConnect and Trust Wallet on your mobile device.

To begin, you will need your Trust Wallet app and another device that you will use to access While you can use a mobile device, a desktop browser is preferable. However, you can still use WalletConnect Mobile Linking on your mobile device to access a dApp.

Step 1: Access the Website

Open your browser on your phone and go to The dApp will redirect you to the official website of Remember always to visit the official websites of your dApps only.

Step 2: Connect Trust Wallet

Next, click ‘Connect Wallet’ at the top right-hand corner of your browser and then choose the ‘Trust Wallet’’ option. Click on Trust Wallet as shown below. Alternatively, if you don’t have Trust Wallet App downloaded to your smartphone, you can connect through WalletConnect by scanning the QR Code or choosing it from the list.

The website will show you are connected via browser, meaning you are now connected and ready to interact.

Step 3: Access

You can now try opening a vault using a variety of products, including Multiply, Borrow, and Earn.

Step 4: Approve the Transaction

To open a vault, you will need to approve the transaction. To approve the transaction, tap on ‘Confirm’. Your Trust Wallet app will automatically register the confirmation request and provide a detailed operation breakdown.

Confirm transaction

Remember, Trust Wallet will keep your session active, so you don’t have to reconnect. However, restart the app and refresh your browser when starting a new session.

What to do next?

Many options allow you to maximize your ETH, and can make your life easier! gives you access to different protocols: Aave and Maker (and more coming soon). The main differences are cost, Oracle mechanism, Supported Assets, and Governance.

There are two main paths you can follow when you decide to get the most out of your ETH tokens:

  1. Lending your ETH
  2. Borrowing, using ETH as collateral & Multiplying the exposure to it
  3. Staking your ETH

You can start making your ETH work for you in today!

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