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We are delighted to present another edition of our Monthly dApps Digest for the Trust Wallet community. Each month, we showcase outstanding dApps that improve your crypto experience and keep you updated.

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In this edition, we explore some incredible projects and delve into informative guest articles to keep you informed and empowered. Let’s unveil this month’s dApps!

  • Uquid;
  • TProtocol;
  • SummerFi;
  • Mover;
  • EraLend;
  • BendDAO;

1. Uquid

Uquid is a leading Web3 shopping platform that has recently announced integration with Trust Wallet to enhance the Web3 shopping experience. By connecting Uquid Shop to the Trust Wallet DApp browser, users can pay for their favorite products on the platform using Trust Wallet. Uquid Shop allows users to shop and earn on more than 140 million products across 200+ countries. Follow the Simple Guide on How to Connect Uquid DApp from the Trust Wallet DApp Browser to enjoy seamless access to Uquid’s unique features and infrastructure.

Read the guest article here

2. TProtocol

TProtocol is a revolutionary DeFi protocol that brings fully composable T-Bill yield backed tokens on-chain. It enables users to engage with the DeFi ecosystem in an easy and secure manner through seamless integration with Trust Wallet. In the guest article “A Beginner’s Guide to Using Tprotocol with Trust Wallet”, you will learn the step-by-step process for using Tprotocol and leveraging its features, from setting up Trust Wallet and connecting to TProtocol to minting TBT and earning interest.

Read the guest article here

3. SummerFi

SummerFi is an all-in-one DeFi platform offering a diverse range of products and services, such as decentralized lending, staking, and more. The platform aims to provide users with a seamless and secure DeFi experience. The guest article “Trust Wallet & WalletConnect: Accessing SummerFi” guides you on connecting and interacting with SummerFi using Trust Wallet. The step-by-step guide covers setting up Trust Wallet and accessing SummerFi’s DeFi services using WalletConnect, making it easy for users to participate in the various offerings provided by the SummerFi platform.

Read the guest article here

4. Mover

Mover is a platform focused on providing an efficient bridging solution for cryptocurrency wallets such as Trust Wallet. The step-by-step guide “How to Connect Trust Wallet to Mover and Perform Token Bridging” demonstrates how to connect Trust Wallet to Mover and use the platform to bridge tokens across different blockchains. The guide allows users to fully utilize the capabilities of Mover, enhancing their cross-chain transaction experience using their Trust Wallet.

Read the guest article here

5. EraLend

EraLend is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that allows users to access more advanced borrowing and lending opportunities in the crypto ecosystem. In the article “How to Use Trust Wallet with EraLend,” you will learn how to connect and utilize Trust Wallet with EraLend and gain access to its innovative features. The step-by-step guide walks you through the process of setting up Trust Wallet, connecting it to EraLend, and leveraging the platform’s advanced borrowing and lending tools.

Read the guest article here

6. BendDAO

BendDAO is the first P2Pool-based NFT liquidity protocol designed as the underlying infrastructure for NFTFi. It offers a range of innovative features like Collateral Trading, NFT Down Payment, and Pure Ape Staking that leverage the power of instant NFT-backed loans. Bluechip NFT holders can utilize BendDAO to take instant loans using collaterals such as CryptoPunks, BAYC, MAYC, Koda, Azuki, Doodles, CloneX, and Moonbirds. Additionally, BendDAO offers the highest APY for single Yuga NFT staking through its pool-based Ape Staking feature, which is open to all users holding Yuga assets. The article “Max $APE Yield with BendDAO on Trust Wallet” provides guidance on how to use BendDAO with Trust Wallet for a better NFT-Fi experience.

Read the guest article here

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