Trust Wallet Withdrawal Feature

Isn’t it good if our TRUST wallet can have withdrawal feature just like the coinbase to our banks or wire transfer or paypal? What a perfect wallet TRUST it could be. All in one. What’s your opinion?


why you need this feature if an exchange has that feature to allow you to send your assets to your account banks?


If you allow this feature in TRUST wallet, I guess you donot need to send your crypto into any exchange site and then to ur bank account. No time consuming no double transx fees. Since TRUST already has a swap and exchange, like trading, then I feel it is good also to get withdrawals inside the wallet direct to yourbank account and or options to wire transfer.


It’s a good idea. Or vice versa that we can also deposit thru PayPal? Or bank so we can buy some crypto


This can never be possible even if we wish it is, why?

Trust Wallet is a decentralised wallet and not an exchange, meaning there’s no way to trace who has the account plus trust wallet has no control on what you do unlike Coinbase which is a centralised wallet and exchange.
This feature can only be gotten in an centralised exchange and wallet.


This platform is not an exchange… Just a wallet with so much amazing features already.

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Yeah this is a good idea too ,but still trust wallet need exhanger for tokens maybe for btc and etc balance can manage ,but also hoping for trust wallet to aprove withdrawal banks

100000% agree
We can use trust wallet for the best future

Why not? You can exchange inside the wallet with the coins that TRUST wallet supported. If they wish they can add this feature and withdraw it with our crypto card and withdraw in any FIAT we wish to.

I get your point here but being decentralised, I guess, you don’t hav to do KYC so the owner is unknown so having no KYC, does this still make you learn who are the owner of the account? Just thinking it might still be possible?

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That is awesome idea, :+1::+1:

The purpose of been decentralised has removed the possibility of including that feature. Also the exchange in Trust is called Swap.
Swapping from one crypto to another is exchange but not withdrawal.


FIAT is from goverment and bank, so KYC must be done for every country ans every local laws. Its too complicated and risky. Even exchanges sometimes got problem with banks. So no fiat at trust wallet. And till all major countrys will get some strong and unite strategy on btc it will be too close to money laundering in eyes of every goverment.

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This is the best point to been DeFi

I hope you know what the purpose of been decentralised.

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@eagle10 nice idea bro I bet if trust wallet does that they will be the top best wallet

Good idea but it will make exchanges less important. Everything would be done on the wallet. I will still go for it if they choose to trade that path.

@carlpuev Yes, I know what decentralised is. No KYC to trace the owner of the account. My point is if it is possible why not. It can be a power wallet and since TRUST wallet is outside of any regulating countries he is not subject to its regulation but the account owner is to his country by means of his bank where he is already KYCd. Now if the problem is it really cannot be possible, then no problem. I am just thinking how powerful it would be if it becomes.

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I got it…good idea… :ok_hand:

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please help I can’t send chilis to binance all the time it’s pending and then fail

That’s what’s really stressing me, if it will be done then this great program we be more better. Please I hope admins we consider it be implemented because its really time consuming

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.
Quick questions:

  1. How old is coinbase and how old is trustwallet?
  2. The milestone achieved by coinbase was gradual in line with latest trends n demand so go e trust wallet time.