TT(Thunder Token) doesn't come into my trust wallet


I sent my TT from Bilaxy to my Trustwallet.

My Trustwallet’s TT address is 0xbd1161c1967c0f091bde53ee39f1aac9e7522b0c

Also, TXID is 0xd074807bc8cc0bd10f6ffa59ab0875ad33931b40b0743646bc4f11045aff3259

And, I can see in Thunderscan that there are 2022 Thunder tokens in my address.

However, in the Trust Wallet, the balance of TT is displayed as 0.

What is the problem?

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Please make sure your app is updated.
Just to confirm, what version do you currently have?
Can you also just send a single screenshot of the TT address with the QR code?
It is hard to see it clearly.

If after updating and the tokens are still not showing, please try to re-import your wallet.


The version is 1.7.183

And I re-imported my wallet, but nothing changes.

Here is the screenshot.

Thank you very much.
I tried to import the address for view mode and I get the same screen.

I have reported this to our devs.
Currently waiting for a response.

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thx for your help. I hope the problem will be solved.

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No worries, the funds are definitely on the right address.
Our devs are investigating further.

Just checking up on you regarding this concern.
I think the balance should be showing now on the wallet.

yes I can see the balance is displayed exactly. Thank you for your kindness:)

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Hello there…bringing up to life this thread again because i have exactly the same problem…
My Trust Wallet TT address is: 0x16CDcEc673A3cA8737eF858f3dc3fb5E5D55e67c
My Thundercore wallet address is: 0xb3eac75f70531dbc81c90a5dcc1761ebb11aa0e2
Obviously everything has been updated and i also restored from scratch using the backup phrase.
It only shows 1 TT in the balance that i have obtained via faucet but not the other tokens that i got, and you can get 1 per hour, and does not show the six coins i have in the TT wallet app.
Can you help me too?? Can you update my balances? some coins are missing…
Thank you

I checked the TT address and it shows 1 TT.
I do not understand what you mean to update the balance.
That is the current number of TT on that address and we cannot change it.

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Thank for your help, probably i am new to the crypto world and surely i have to understand better some mechanisms…
the point is:
i log in each hour to
faucet-testnet.thundercore where it is stated you can have 1 TT coin per hour… i log in then enter Trust wallet TT coin address and it says ok and then gives me an Hash for the operation but coins are not credited…
Other problem is when i try to move TT coins from Thundercore wallet to Trust Wallet TT address, the operation is ok but it is registered in Thundercore wallet as self transfer (even using the receive address of Trust Wallet TT coin).
i am sure that i am missing something…
thank you for helping me understand!

Not sure how the faucet works. But maybe there are some limits. Best to check with the TT team.

Can you show me a transaction ID of your transfer from the other wallet to Trust Wallet?

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…investigating on my own i have at least solved the transfer issue between the two wallets. I was trying to transfer all the coins and didn’t work, few minutes ago i gave a last try BUT i attempted to transfer only a quota of my coins and it worked !
again i think it was my fault maybe a limit is stated somewhere but i didn’t read or caught it or maybe i have so few coins that i don’t cover transfer “fees”.
Thank you

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We also noticed that the faucet you are trying to get free TT is actually a testnet. It is not even the live one.


Thank you for your clarifying and prompt answers.

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Hi good moring I transferred fund from my eth wallet to thunder token wallet and the balance shows zero. please check

eth wallet is 0xDb86d4D302D93B92EB5E40450Fd7E7261DA848BC

thunder token

Why did you send your ETH to the TT address? This will just move your ETH to that address.
This will not be displayed properly on the wallet.
I confirm that the ETH is on this address: Address 0xf44b5c2B28023f0125fA925a6660a1f151b80D95 | Etherscan
To get the ETH back you need to get the TT Private Key and then import it as an ETH address.
Follow this guide to get the TT Private Key:
How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

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Hi good morning from the Philippines I would to have a request about the thunder token or the TT20 if ever my request would be approved I want to transfer my thunder token to Ethereum

Hi @Xoixoi21,

No need for requests. You can add custom Thunder Tokens by following this guide: How to Add a Custom Token

– Locking the thread since this is an old one and your question is already answered. Feel free to create a new thread if necessary.