TWT Token Missing After Recovery of Wallet

I had received TWT token as airdrop. I have been holding TWT since then. Today there was the problem in my Mobile Phone so I had to delete trust wallet app. After deleting I reinstalled trust wallet app and successfully recovered my Multi-Coin wallet but My TWT token were missing.
I have also imported my Multi-Coin wallet on different mobile but the result is same my TWT token are still missing.

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Hi @hz3012, I have the same problem but with XYO token, again after successfully restoring my wallet the tokens are missing, so far after numerous emails from support the problem hasn’t been resolved, I hope you have better luck than I have had.


Go to bitquery dot com and enter your BEP2 address. It will tell you exactly what is/was ever in your wallet, and where it went if it is no longer there.

Note: never enter your 12 word seed ANYWHERE but an applicable wallet. My suggestion requires only your BNB address.

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My Token are still in my wallet I have seen it on BSC Scan but I can’t recover my old wallet. After recovery the address of my wallet has changed.

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Same result here it’s not about luck may be they do not have solution for the problem or they do not want to help us.

Hi @hz3012,

Are your TWT tokens a BEP20 version? Perhaps, you used a Smart Chain legacy wallet (old one).

You can try to follow the troubleshooting part here:

How can I recover TWT toke not BSC chain. You are not listing any kind of solution related to recovery of TWT token.

You didn’t answer yet as to what kind of TWT you had in the past. Was that a BEP2 or BEP20 token?

I had BEP20 type of TWT token in my Wallet that I received from Binance as Airdrop.

Should I share my Old TWT wallet address here? On BSC Scan I have seen that my TWT token are still in my old Wallet.

Yes you can share your TWT address here so we can check it and if you also have the transaction ID from when you received them.

This is my Old TWT Wallet Address (That I can’t Access even with recovery phrase) : 0xb0dc26cdf9d5db7356220cebe295c22535fccba3

This is the link to BSC SCAN where you can check that TWT token are still in my Wallet .

This is the transaction ID of the only transaction that took place when I deposited 99.5 TWT tokens into my Wallet from Binance. 0x83619d0b29bc053398d90ccf230f1ae019f2e31524041b53c943be3b75b6ab46
link to the transaction on BSC SCAN.

If i understand correctly, you do not have the recovery phrase for this wallet but you’re trying to recover the funds on the wallet?
If that is so, then unfortunately it is not possible to recover those funds as the only way you can is by importing the correct recovery phrase for the wallet.

Sis I have the recovery phrase for this wallet do you want me to share it too. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

Please never share your recovery phrase with anyone and not even us.
Your recovery phrase is the key to your wallet.

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If you have your recovery phrase, then you can import your wallet and access your funds.

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@hz3012, as stated earlier, you should follow the troubleshooting guide here:

You may have used the legacy address. The troubleshooting guide should help you in accessing the previous address.

Hello, @hz3012!
I just had the same problem, solved it by enabling TWT BEP20 in my wallet.
See /t/missing-twt-from-an-airdrop/92191/2

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