Unable to receive CyberMiles to my trust wallet

Hi there,
I was wondering if someone can help me with the following:

I made a withdrawal CyberMiles to my trust wallet yesterday morning.

My Public Address to Receive CMT: 0x82904DDbE0D3A04d741EC80D8d4F2D4eA7513957

But not received it yet i checked it with cmt tracking seems ok but what is the problem ?

Hopefully someone can give me more assistant please,

Ios Version app5.19 (5194) trust wallet
Regards Remon

update: re-import the wallet is also not working still the same problem

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Hi Guys,
Still no replay on my support reguest
Has nobody the same problem or a solution for this ?

Hi there ,
I checked your address on Etherscan.io , No such transaction record there . It seems you have used Erc20 address to deposit native CMT which do not support by Trust wallet .
You need to get the private key of your ETH wallet . This is where you sent your CMT .
We have a guide that you can follow ,
How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address
After finding out the private key you need to import this on CMT native coin supported wallet .

Hi Rakib320,
thanks for your quick replay,
cmt tracking check says that it was succesfull ?
Seem difficult to get the right data to recover the cmt
Is it possible to get help with this ?

Yeah, The transaction was successful but it was confirmed in different chain which do not support by Trust wallet. I already write the guideline above to get back your CMT. You have to follow the process to get back your coins.

Ok thanks rakib it seems that erc20 is the problem of my wallet.
ill try your guideline

i need to fill in ETH in coin selection ?
I have some problem with the Derivation Path for cmt

yeah you should select ETH in coin section . derivation path should be the ETH derivation of Trust wallet .

ETH: m/44’/60’/0’/0

Still problems with the recovery following the link:
i have choose ETH: m/44’/60’/0’/0 because CMT is not available
After import with private key i seen only ethereum
add a new token on ethereum network (CMT) 0xf85fEea2FdD81d51177F6b8F35F0e6734Ce45F5F
still got the ERC20 cybermiles
What is going wrong ??

You have to import the wallet in a CMT native coin supported wallet and your address should be same as it was . If its not than you have not followed the process correctly .

Thanks again for your replay, import of the new wallet is good i think
but i am stuck on the further process after the import

i really appreciate your help !

So i understand that i need a other wallet to import the CMT ?
Suggestion for a wallet i can use ?

This i the reply from bitvavo:
Dear Remon,
The CMT were already on the wallet address: CMTTracking - Cybermiles Block Explorer

Please update your Trust wallet / sync with the blockchain or contact the Trust wallet support.

Thats right , You have to import on a different wallet . You can try to to import on this ,
CyberMiles - Official wallet

This is not working in cybermiles wallet
invalid private key
Other suggestions ?
or is it possible to return the digital currency

What kind of error the app shows to you when you try to import PK ?
Make sure to select private key option when you try to Import PK instead Mnemonic

Hi Rakib320 good morning
this error i get:
“invalid private key”
and i select private key

Hey @Remon12
I just checked from my END and its working flawlessly for me .
I assume you have tried to export with your PUBLIC KEY ( wallet address ) not with Private keys .
Whatever, You can try in more convenient way .
Try to import your trust wallet MNEMONIC phrase ( 12 words recovery words ) in CMT app .
You can follow the article to get your 12 words recovery words . Follow till 5th step .
How to Backup a Multi-Coin Wallet - How To’s / Basics - Trust Wallet

Copy the 12 words mnemonic phrase and go to CMT app .

  1. select “IMPORT” option .
  2. Terms & conditions - Click on agree .
  3. Paste 12 words recovery words in first section .
  4. mnemonic source - select (Imtoken / jaxx / metamask )
  5. Wallet name - your choice
  6. Wallet password - your choice
  7. Repeat wallet password - retype what you wrote in " wallet password "
  8. click on " Start Import "
    Its done , I hope this time it will work for you .

Hi @Shariful1000 ,
Perfect ! now I see the cmt coin
Many thx for your support !
Take care and stay healthy

Can I import now the private key from cybermiles
To trust ?
Or sent it back to Bitvavo wallet for sell them

Hey @Remon12
You can import the wallet back to Trust wallet but Your CMT coins will not appear there.
I’d recommend to send or hold your CMT Coins anywhere you feel convenient .

Hi I transfer from xrp to bnb chain . After I saw the bnb chain transfered I copy my address of the bnb coin to the bnb chain and the process marked as sent, i locked at binancs nothing is there??
I did more home I saw that the address I copy and past is not matching from the one sent too I was like that’s I’mpossible…
Please I need your help I’m attaching before and after all the process please help me cause I already post 3000 $ in two days and this on top I didn’t find the money
I really don’t understand how the system issued a different address from what I copied

I really want to be a member of trust wallet but also last time they did me 4 different charges for something that failed in transferring too. why that’s happening
It’s not allowing me to attach the pictures…
I have all records as a screen shot