Unable to receive despite successful transactions before

@Bruce19 Can you please provide the transaction hash ?

They wont allow me post the picture of the receipt , how can I post it to you ?

Transaction Id: 713af14a063637fc07bd3248093213fe2bbc1e27b540a3a9bf09ab22557212dd



And please can you help me check the receipt so I can know if it’s real

Please @Tobi how can I send the receipt picture so you can gekone verify if this is a legit transfer or I am being played

@Bruce19 The transaction hash shows the USDT was sent to this address TK3dDvWQLgup64wNvvXdAZSMQk29VKsGHK and not the address you sent above.

I just wanted to find out if a receiving transaction was successful on my wallet to 0x6133B0409c761E5eBfeF0117aaEE4184334393d9

@Lmpmob Do you have the transaction hash of the transfer?
There’s no transaction history on that address.

Actually I don’t have a transaction hash but I just wanted to make sure if there was any transaction history and you just confirmed it so thank you.

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