Unauthorized transactions on my trust wallet

Thank you for your response.

Recently I transferred my funds BEP20 Floki to ERC20 Floki to crypto.com exchange, I contacted them a couple of days later they were transferred back to my trust wallet

Meanwhile, I raised a ticket to you guys and I have received the below email,

from: Trust Wallet Support <[email protected]>

The day crypto.com sent my FLOKI back, remaining all the tokens in my account I lost it all

Please find a way to get my funds back

Here My address


Floki : BabyDoge :Pit :Hodge :Spore : Bnb :

@kb_1111 That’s a scam email, only official email is [email protected].
Take note that the Trust Wallet team cannot also reverse, cancel, or refund confirmed transactions in the blockchain since the app is a non-custodial wallet. All transactions done in the blockchain are permanent. It is recommended to create a new wallet and abandon the compromised one.

Learn more:

How can you simply say create new wallet that i know how can I do it

Here I posted how to retrieve my funds ?

How to catch those guys who do all these things

Is there platforms to raise or complain about it

I want go legally to fight about this ?

Plese provide the resources

Since you are the guys have all power can you recert back the transactions ? Which I am the owner of the wallet Using your platform .

You guys need give proper explanation. About it

I didn’t share my keys to any one

How can some body know that I got funds and immediately they took it

Custodial means I am the owner but here with out my consent , transactions are happening in your trust wallet

While I am trying to transfer my tokens it’s getting failed

Can’t we stop there things in Trust wallet and it’s not safe at all to use the trust wallet

How third party people knows that I raised a ticket ?
How I got this email when I raised a ticket to trust wallet ?

People in your team only doing All these ?
This is insane

@kb_1111 Please report this at support.trustwallet.com
You should also note that Trust wallet is no custodial like I said meaning you have total control over your assets.

Then try to revert unauthorized transaction on my trust wallet ?

Initially I sent $30 Kenworth of floki Bep 20 to ERC 20 Adress of crypto com , I contacted them before that I raised a ticket you trust wallet with my adress, other than mybkwy are very safe I didn’t share to any one

How outsides knows that I reraised ticket with you
.the day I received my funds for crypto com
Next couple of minutes all my money transferred to another Adress which I didn’t did it
.it’s a trust wallet people

To raise a ticket here
support trustwallet com

It’s asking login withe mail saying I don’t have access

I shore my adress here only and I have given my email address here only

I posted my quety before which it’s was not posted

I am.going to take leagl action against. Trust wallet of I don’t get my money back to my account

Try to revert back this transaction
To my new trust wallet adress a try leat these are worth of $30 k , where I can use this funds for my famiy

Transaction Hash:

Thisbksy new Adress


@kb_1111 You do not need a login to submit a ticket.
There’s no way your assets would be sent out if your wallet wasn’t compromised.
Some possible ways are listed here: