Unseen coin in my trustwallet after ttansfer from binance

Hello i sent xec from my binance to trust wallet, two days ago it has done 20 confirmations yet i have not seen it in my trust wallet.
Trans Id
Attached is my add

Please help resolve. Thanks

Hello it seems you have added your XEC tokens wrongly.
Use this to add as a custom token:
Network: Ethereum
Contract: 0x0ef2e7602add1733bfdb17ac3094d0421b502ca3
Decimals: 18

That’s for Ethereum but he said he transferred Bep20 not Ethereum network

Hi @Jadon
You can check and see he made a transaction with via Ethereum network for the said tokens and not Smartchain

@JennyMillan i made the transfer from bep20 to bep20 please not ethereum. Check screen shot attached

Hello @Orija
Sorry for the mix up, your tokens are still on your wallet 0xf5be74a166b08b8b0d7ff6d022c3f7d553fb76c2

Add as a custom token using this:
Network: Smartchain
Contract: 0x0ef2e7602add1733bfdb17ac3094d0421b502ca3
Decimals: 18

@JennyMillan thank you this have been sorted. You were right, the address unlocked was incorrect.