Unstake BNB token

It’s been over 7 days now, and I’m still unable to unstake my BNB. Why is this happening pls? I need assistance on this please.


same problem, my unstake is pending.

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Ok guys just follow this simple steps to unstake your tokens.
Update your TrustWallet app
Select stake details
Redelegate your stake
Then unstake your BNB
I’ll keep updating us as I get more info. on this


See what happens when I try:

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You have to Redelegate first

Have some problem! Please help me solve the problem

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When I click on “redelegate” that “not available” message shows up

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Go to google playstore.
Join TrustWallet beta
Update your app to version 1.27.12
Then try again

Same error message

I have the beta version… “Alps” validator seems to have totally disappeared from trust wallet. I unstaked another inactive one but Alps seems to have disappeared so no option at all. I have like 15 or so BNB tied up there and cant access it. Seems the Beta version doesn’t fix this?

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You need to first Redelegate before you unstake

That’s my problem, Alps validador desappeard, ive been trying a lot to redelegate but I got an error message “Not available”.

Wow, I can’t say much on that.
Gonna have to research more and get back to you

i do this but my bnb are pending for 1 day until now

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Install new version!!! But same problem!

after softwar update , my stake and unstake details is gone

Screenshot_20210319-165837_Trust Wallet|243x500

When I click on the unstake option, I get a not avaliable message and when I click on the Redelegate option, I get a not available message again.

I have same problem :frowning:

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Hi, I have the same problem. After the un staked the status of PENDING remain unchanged till today 19/03/2021. It started to un staked from 12/03/2021. My TW version is 1.27.12.
We shouldn’t asking this kind of question because this should be automate process because it goes stake and un stake. Please check in back end system and update or what else you need from me to do the troubleshoot.

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