Unstake with working validators

Hey there! I was unstaked my bnb 8 days ago and there’s show only “pending” There’s no problem with the validator (Avengers) But lol…seven days is not seven days? I want my money back… * You cannot do anything to your tokens during this time, so plan ahead. Yeah i did it I planned, I planned i have got my money back today but nothing? I cannot redelegate too, its said “Not available” I can not unstake its said “Not available current locktime is 7 days” I can not do anything with my own money wtf guys?:smiley: I tusted in the TrustWallet cause they said seven days. Its not…its not seven days. I have to run after my money? what a joke…So is there any solutions to make it happen? ( i cant connect my wallet to binance.org, TW app said Staked 0, Pending 2,23 Available 0,0042
Version: 1.27.15
and of course…i did make this topic cause no one answered the question in theese topics.


We are all the same, 7 days pending my unstake takes a total of 14. And no solution is provided. Shame on binance and trust Walet on this matter.

gettin worried about it…lot of ppl had the same issue. the update means nothing. no matter if you have working or not working validators ppl dont receive their money its just “pending” the staff is speechless so what to do now? just wait? and if youre lucky they give back the money lol? thinking about to use again this wallet for anything…

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This worries me. I have bnb staked and not seen a single.reward out of the 5 I unstaked 2 and it’s pending but it’s not been 7 days.

Have you all been seeing rewards paid? If so is it daily?

Same problem I’m having
They have to rectify this issue because I staked all my bnb and I can’t even access them. It’s seven days already

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@Darksky @Patxi @nizmo @Evabae1

Please update your app to the latest version: 5.18 (iOS) 1.27.15 (Android), or higher.
To unstake from an inactive validator (apr is showing as 0), you need to redelegate then unstake afterward. Here’s a guide:

Be informed that it will take 7 days for the BNB to be fully unstaked.
Unstaking period starts on the next day UTC 00:00
Once you unstake, you will not receive rewards.
Learn more:

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It took 14 days? Did you receive any staking rewards? They advertise all over the internet that they are reliable snd stake coins and pay people huge BNB rewards. Something smells funny?

Nope. It should not take 7 days. Read and understand my previous response.

Nothing smells funny. It’s just people were not reading the guides.
You can try to use this Telegram bot to track staking rewards: Telegram: Contact @BSC_Binance_Chain_Bot

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